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    Whenever I do something like this I either use cast iron, or get a wok screaming-hot (I've thought about putting it on a grill, but have yet to do so). The "crunchy bits" really are the best part. Also if you don't like eggs I'd recommend poaching them instead of frying. It might not be...
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    "Kraut" Kit from Farmsteady

    It's about 2% by weight, for those who are interested. So yeah, you're pretty close here. EDIT: The advantage of measuring by weight is that crystal size varies by type of salt and manufacturer, ex: table salt is much finer than kosher.
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    Wisconsin Western Wisconsin Brewery/Brewpub Recommendations?

    Red Eye in Wausau is great. We stop there for lunch whenever we're headed to Minnesota. Killer food and solid beer.
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    Watermelon wheat available in MI

    I think the only watermelon beer I've seen in MI was the aforementioned Ballast Point (Sculpin) one. I made a watermelon wheat a few years ago that I really enjoyed, and I'm not even a big watermelon fan. Here's the recipe, for reference: 5lb 2-row 5lb white wheat 1.5oz (25 IBU) Cascade @...
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    Pre-Prohibition Upper Peninsula MI bottles

    I don't think I'll be putting beer in 100+ year old bottles. :)
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    Pre-Prohibition Upper Peninsula MI bottles

    I'm still not sure if I'm going to follow through with that or not. Maybe some day. This book did come out last year, which has a lot of information, but probably not as thorough as I'd like.
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    Pre-Prohibition Upper Peninsula MI bottles

    For anyone still interested in this topic - I did a presentation last night on some of the old U.P. breweries for my homebrew club, and thought I'd share it here as well.
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    U.P. Brewers

    I'm in Escanaba, and if you're not aware we have a moderately active club here. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want some more info on that.
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    Don't get me wrong I'm not taking offense. I loved the mouthfeel but I can see how it would be offputting for many people.
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    I don't have my notes in front of me, but if I remember right that beer was 50 or 60% malted rye. Agree to disagree, because I thought that beer was great. Then again I love the incredibly viscous mouthfeel that you get from a lot of rye and I can see why that wouldn't be for everyone.
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    U.P. Brewers

    I'm not aware of any clubs over there, but I'd imagine that Soo Brewing/Lockside would be a great place to meet like-minded people and get one going.
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    What 2 styles/recipes to brew at the same time?

    Great! Since doing this I find that I almost never brew single batches now.
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    Smoking Turkey for Christmas

    Small chips work just fine. Make sure you soak them for 20 minutes or so before adding them and you're good to go. I smoke things all of the time with similar chips (but never used WalMart chips) and have never had an issue.