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    Which beer style for an "Iron Brew"?

    So long as you keep the bottles cold, the yeast should stay dormant, and they should be fine. What style did you choose for the base?
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    Mash reached 190F

    I’ll use the little bit of wort I got out to make 1-2 gallons of something weird
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    Mash reached 190F

    I’m tired and I’d honestly rather just try again in a few weeks and just take the loss in time and $20 than deal with this never ending sparge and botched mash. Thanks for helping out everyone!
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    Mash reached 190F

    3# of flaked rye. I’m essentially sparring oatmeal.
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    Mash reached 190F

    I decocted it to sparge temps and it’s passed the iodine test, so I’ll see it through. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Mash reached 190F

    I attempted to brew a 10% Belgian golden Strong with four temp rests. I hit my b-glucanase rest but barely saturated the 18# of grain. My next rest was 146F but I added 2 gallons of boiling water, as per my mashing calculator I used, and hit 190F. It took me about 10-20 minutes to add ice and...
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    Caramelize citrus first?

    Pectinase could still be used afterward to avoid the haze right?
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    3 year old dry yeast

    Sorry I forgot to reply but I ended up using two packets and it rapidly fermented to ~1.002 and made one of the best beers I’ve brewed so far. I agree that one packet probably would’ve been fine but I didn’t want to risk it!
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    Random Picture Thread

    Thanks for the reply. I kept reading “therapists” as something else.
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    How to build your own recipe

    There are tons of resources on how to start making your own recipes. You can check out articles on magazines (BYO), books (Radical Brewing), podcasts are great for tips and tricks, blogs (brulosophy, The Mad Fermentationist), or forums like this. My experience: I started making my own recipes...
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    Acorn ale? I also looked into a year or two ago. The tannins have to be leached from the nuts.
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    Porter w/ flavoring additions. Transfer to secondary or flavor in primary carboy?

    If all you are adding is the vanilla saturated bourbon, feel free to add it to the keg/bottling bucket when you're ready to keg/bottle. Any sugar added from the vanilla should be unremarkable in 5 gallons and you'll avoid your sediment absorbing your additions... .... which is another thing...
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    The Gruit Beer Thread

    @miraculix I brewed a saison using belle saison recently and it reached 97% attenuation. The only drawback I could think of is that the body would be thin and dry. A possible solution would be to add maltodextrin! My 2 cents