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    rubber stopper causing off flavors?

    Yellowish white. I like the idea of boiling one & will try that this weekend. I don't think the flavor is come from wort contact with the stopper but just the strong aroma being inclosed in the fermenter. Like I said, could all be in my head, but those stopper have a strong odor.
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    Best cheap commercial beer you've ever had?

    this may of already been commented on (I didn't read the whole thread). I actually saw an add online from New Belgium that featured a can beer. I thought "hell yes".
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    rubber stopper causing off flavors?

    ferm temps between 62-68 inside the fermenter. using muntons gold, notingham & windsor. I strongly suspect its from the stopper because it smells exactly like the stopper does and it's been like that in 3 batches and the odor has beenl noticeable at bottling. The stoppers are "fermenthause"...
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    rubber stopper causing off flavors?

    I've brewed a couple of austin home brews 1gal kits to add variety to my 5 gal pipeline. at bottling they all have smelled just like that rubber stopper that comes with the kit. I wrote it off assuming that it would fade quickly once they were in the bottles and carbing up. Today I opened my...
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    steeping grains like sun tea?

    Ok, im going to play along here and give you an opinion unlike the others... I think you can most definitely STEEP your specialty grains in a sun tea method. When steeping specialty grains All you are really trying to do is extract color and some flavor from the grains, as opposed to mashing the...
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    Cruising & homebrew

    I'm taking a Cruise later this summer & would really love to enjoy a bottle or two of my own brew while onboard but they do not allow glass, nor alcohol to be brought on board. You are allowed to bring two bottles of wine & up to 12 bottles/cans of soda. The brew I'm most interested in taking...
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    campfire / deer lease / hunting season brew

    so far nothing that needs to be brewed now &could benefit from a long aging?
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    cleaning equipment that may of been contaminated.

    I just bottled a batch that has some stringy growths and possibly a little tiny hint of sourness. I'm going to ride that batch out, but I'm brewing this weekend and don't have time or money to "throw out and replace all soft plastics" nor do I think that is necessary at this point. I just want...
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    campfire / deer lease / hunting season brew

    I'm an avid hunter & spend almost ever other weekend from October until Feburary (east texas so its not that cold) camped out at the hunting lease. My lease is a more family oriented lease and there aren't many campers & not a lot of drinking. I normally cook some wild game (duck, venison...
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    ooopss! Anise, doh!

    I really don't know what it is that I didn't like about tank 7, I have one left that I'll drink on tonight & try to pick out what it is that is turning me off. I think there is a chance that I had a bad or contaminated batch. The bottles where within their "best by" date, but had lots of...
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    ooopss! Anise, doh!

    I bottled a Farmhouse/saison a few weeks back that tasted a lot like tank 7 at bottling time. I do not like tank 7 so I decided to add some vanilla flavor to the bottling bucket to hopefully distract from whatever it is in tank 7 that I don't like. Well, I didn't realize that we had a bottle of...
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    Dry hop suggestion

    Just want to add... side by side, its very similar to dfh 60min . Believe it or not. Im calling this one "amarillo by morning" and will brew again next week but will also add 1/3oz amarillo at flame out.
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    think im doing something wrong with my partial mash process

    I've done two partial mash recipiecs from ahs and it dawned on me during the process yesterday that I may be making a mistake. My first recipe turned out really thin and dry with very little flavor, even though my og was right on. And I think I may knwo why.... The ahs recipe says to mash the...
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    What I'll be wishing I had brewed come Fall/winter ??

    So, I'm new to brewing & I've got a couple of "summer batches" brewed & in bottles and I'm ready for another brew. When should I start brewing my beers for fall & winter. Specifically, I want to do a stout or porter & probably an Oktoberfest or pumpkin ale. I have no idea how long these type...
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    Emergnecy starter, its brew day & my wyeast pack has a hole

    I could, but its a saison 3724 yeast, and im brewing a cream ale today. Im pretty sure that pin hole happened when I smacked the activator because its in a seam and there was no spillage in the package the yeast was shipped in. For now I've just covered it in a starsan soaked paper towel.