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    Cut out the bottom of a deep Freezer?

    I guess my post was off topic as posted by the OP My error
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    Cut out the bottom of a deep Freezer?

    deleted - post/comments were not addressing the OP, apologize for the post
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    have you tried fermenting and serving from the same keg without transferring?

    I have been brewing with this method for 5 batches. ALL were great. I brew extract only with steep grains. I use a yeast that will drop out after fermentation. Normally go 3 weeks at the fermentation temps then to cold for a week. Ferment under low pressure 5 to 10psi. When in cold, increase to...
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    Fermenting in corny, dip tube length?

    I remove the beer out poppet and pull the float hose off the short dip tube, remove and soak all in PWB cleaner then soak in Starsan. Reassemble The hose and any filters will be good to use if they are cleaned every time.
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    Fermenting in corny, dip tube length?

    What most have said. I bent the dip tube in one keg. Then bought the floating dip tube assy. Worked well. But then I started to ferment and serve in the same keg. no bottling no transfer. I bought the Clear Beer float system. Works just great. Was able to get almost all the beer without crud. I...
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    Preferred software for brewers

    Not sure what the WIN OS issue is related to?, I run WIn 10 latest update with no problem. I thought I had it set to run in compatibility mode, no its running native under Win10 . Dont know if I can provide any advice to get it running for you again
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    Which beer kit extract

    A real lager is a bit of a task for a new brewer. Assume you have done some reading. So.. I suggest a Pale Ale kit. I started and still brew many of the extract HME kits. You learn the very basics and most of the time get a drinkable beer. MOST important is clean and sanitize everything that...
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    Preferred software for brewers

    As I posted in my intro post today, I use Qbrew. Since I brew 98% extract I find this old SW to be the easiest to use. I have tried almost all the others , just were too complex for me. They all tend to be focused on AG. I know a few have an extract option, they do work but I started with QB...
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    When did you stop extract brewing?

    ops my error looks like I posted 17 times to the forum since 2012. Now 18 BTY I am tapping on 79 years old.. use to make wine in the 80s that was fun but I really like my beer brewing. Have not made corn spirits.. and I am in TN :) Read all the assorted books by the many experts and many...
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    When did you stop extract brewing?

    OK gang, Been reading and learning since 2011. About my second post to this forum. Have brewed 261 Extract beers. Some were mini micro mash, 90% were extract. Most of my recipes are based on Mr Beer HME as a base with added DME/LME, Steep grains and hops. About 10% are DIY recipes and 5g...
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    National Homebrewer's Conference - HomeBrewTalk Giveaway - Open to All!

    Just completed the survey. I ride my horse these days now that we have good WX here in TN Bottled a nice Canadian Pilsner Lager. On deck to brew a DIY Red Ale with the old MRB Red HME as the base. Nothing beats a nice cold homebrew after an hour plus trail ride.
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    Say No To Mr. Beer, The Gateway Drug To Homebrewing

    I started brewing 3 years ago. 110 recipes in the LBK. I dont post much. I read. My first 2 MRB recipes were drinkable then I found the MrBeer forum, MrbeerFans and HBT. I learned how to make good extract beer.. I alter all the MRB recipes the original an the new Cooper-Mrb. I bought a...
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    Beer Box

    strongbad Thank you for the link I think that system will work well for me. Will order this weekend They have good prices on an assortment of beer ingredients. Site is a bit difficult to navigate, but I found the stuff I needed. Sorry you have shipping issues Shipment outside USA...