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    Adding Orange Juice To Beer

    I've read that fermenting orange juice can produce butyric acid (vomit flavor). I've used it in an orange porter and it was nice. No foul flavor at all.
  2. vinnythering

    How long for autolysis?

    I haven't stuck my head in the fermenter so I'm not sure. I'll check it out tonight. Thanks I feel a lot better now about this.
  3. vinnythering

    How long for autolysis?

    I've had a batch sitting in primary at around 68 degrees for roughly three months. Am I screwed? Haven't tasted it yet. How long does it typically take for autolysis to set in?
  4. vinnythering

    Best way to add orange flavor?

    Mine too. Juice is risky and I don't personally like zest.
  5. vinnythering

    Best way to add orange flavor?

    I've also tried the zest method but it doesn't work for me. I just don't like the flavor it imparts, which to me is reminiscent of Gojo. Maybe I screwed it up.
  6. vinnythering

    Best way to add orange flavor?

    I've added Naked juice to a beer before. Turned out okay and didn't get the vomit flavor I've read about. I added two pints to a heavy porter. Only had a hint of flavor. I'd recommend an extra pint or two if you go that route.
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    Why am I afraid to Dry Hop

    Dump em in! No bag! Beer is pretty forgiving. Just do it. That's how I go. My experience with bags and carboys has always been a PITA. I don't even bother with bags or carboys anymore; straight from bucket to keg anymore.
  8. vinnythering

    Let's see your furry brew buddy!

    That's a step stool, not a burner. Kitty's fine!
  9. vinnythering

    Paring a hop with Maris otter for a smash

    I did this with Amarillo and loved it. Been wanting to do another but haven't had an opportunity.
  10. vinnythering

    First Brew, Looks like I really screwed something up

    Boil it down a while before adding any hops. That'll get your gravity up and your volume down.
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I did in the beginning, but not anymore. Only if I somehow kick up the sediment in the keg. My mom, however, won't drink my beer anymore because it hits her so bad. I had to start filtering because of her.
  12. vinnythering

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  13. vinnythering

    Beer tattoo!

    Wow. That's some dedication. On both counts.
  14. vinnythering

    Beer tattoo!

    I'm looking for a possible homebrewing/general beer tattoo. This is a random idea and I haven't thought it through nor have I researched it. Just wondering what was out there.