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  1. vicegrip

    My Hops Garden Project

    This is my first year for growing hops. Im hoping it will give the chickens some shade as well.
  2. vicegrip

    It's official, I'm having heart surgery on Feb, it's real now.

    I’m glad to hear your doin well Revvy. I have learned a lot from you on HBT and I thank you for that good luck and keep keepin on.
  3. Beer


    Nice looking brew
  4. Beer


    Bottle dryer
  5. Beer


    Bottling day
  6. Beer


    Sand blast etch
  7. Beer


  8. vicegrip

    Cheap bottles

    wow nice find
  9. vicegrip

    worst noob screw up ever. my beer IS ruined

    Don't dump it.....its beer....ya don't just dump beer... well for this reason any way. rack it and strain it a couple times and you'll be fine.
  10. vicegrip

    Recipe: My first. Good or bad?

    bottled this baby yesterday. Taste great
  11. vicegrip

    Lets brew something...

    Bottled this baby today. Taste great :ban:
  12. vicegrip

    Dog hops toxicity - please read!!!

    Sorry for your lab is part of the family like one of my kid.
  13. vicegrip

    Cleaning out the closet and what is this?!?!?!

    Awesome find......don't tell your bro in law he might want it back now. Happy brewing to ya: :mug:
  14. BottlingDay


    Racking from second fermenter to bottling bucket.
  15. BottlingDay