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  1. Vic_Sinclair

    sanitizing hop cones

    Commercially grown hops are suspended up by a trellis/rope system. They do not touch the ground. A dog would have to be a contortionist too pee on them. The OP said these were lying on the ground.
  2. Vic_Sinclair

    sanitizing hop cones

    If they have been urinated on, spritzing them with vodka isn't going to remove the urine residue. I would trash them and just buy hops.
  3. Vic_Sinclair

    Opinions: Coopers Microbrew Kit

    I also started with this kit. The screw-on lid is its Achilles Heel. I never got it to properly seal. I would skip this kit and just buy one that includes a Better Bottle & bottling bucket or even two buckets.
  4. Vic_Sinclair


    You haven't heard about it since it generally only applies to lager-style brewing. When you make a lager, you keep it in the 50's, which is too cold for the yeast to clean up diacetyl effectively, so at the end of primary fermentation, you bring the temp up into the 60's for 24-48 hours. With...
  5. Vic_Sinclair

    Substitutions for organic beer recipe?

    Whole or pellet is entirely personal preference. The good news is, you can substitute Willamette with Fuggle or Tettnanger. You can sub Magnum for Horizon, but I don't see Magnum on the page you posted. I got my info here: Hop Substitution Chart ::: Brew365
  6. Vic_Sinclair

    Hops dried on the bine?

    They start to turn brown if you leave them on the bine too long. First they feel papery (ready to pick), then they start to turn brown.
  7. Vic_Sinclair

    priming and bottling

    Yes, room temperature or just below that is fine for conditioning your bottles. Thanks for converting C to F for us ignorant Yanks. Do Israelis call us Yanks?
  8. Vic_Sinclair

    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    First year hops in Northern Utah. My setup, Cascades on the left and Nugget on the right. The Cascade went crazy, but I'll be lucky to get an ounce from the Nugget. Cascades: Close-up of Cascades: Not a bad first year from the Cascade:
  9. Vic_Sinclair

    Coopers stout

    Yes. Tastes good. Your airlock cannot tell you if fermentation is done, only your hydrometer.
  10. Vic_Sinclair

    concerned question

    It will be fine. I don't know what the people at your store were saying, but all the air in your primary is now co2. It is not only safe, but it is ADVISABLE to leave beer in the primary longer than that. Most here suggest at least two weeks, I generally do three to four weeks in primary.
  11. Vic_Sinclair

    Coopers IPA - change it up?

    I have used extra hop pellets with that kit with great results. If you have aroma hops, you can add them the last five minutes of the boil to give the beer a "fresher" hop aroma than you get from the can. Or, you could dry hop in secondary.
  12. Vic_Sinclair

    Foam color on ale

    Yes, perfectly normal.
  13. Vic_Sinclair

    Growing Hops Horizontally

    Yes, but you have to keep training the bines by hand to go horizontally. Left alone, they will try to grow up. I did the same thing this year with success.
  14. Vic_Sinclair

    Propane Tank Debacle

    Does not approve of this abuse of clean, efficient propane. Seriously, I would take it back to a filling station and see if they can replace the valve safely. I would be concerned about releasing all of the contents of the tank if you tried anything else.
  15. Vic_Sinclair

    boiloff rates

    Don't forget to figure in your extract into your initial volume figure. The first time I did a full boil, I ended up with 5 1/2 gallons because I failed to account for the cans of extract.