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    opinions please...

    I like raspberry the best. I use 8-10oz (frozen) per gallon. More than that and I feel the raspberry takes over and masks the unique fermented honey flavor. Strawberry is good to, but on that one I use 1lb/gal, same for apricot. I did one last year of frozen local wildberry mix at 12oz gal...
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    opinions please...

    That is a downside of bread yeast. Grandpa used gelatin to clear his, and I prefer fruits (the pectin does a great job). And for the record, ANYONE who is starting off with brewing, I recommend try different stuff and find the one you like best. I make my mead the way my grandpa did, before...
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    opinions please...

    Huh, so you give your opinion, and I give mine, then you can take a dump on my opinion, but Im not supposed to say anything further? interesting...
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    opinions please...

    Thats a pile of whatever... Bread yeast can make fantastic mead at the hand of someone who knows how. I have some that I make thats an award winner... in fact it was made with all Aldi's ingredients from the honey, to the yeast, and raspberries. That one was $10/gallon to make.
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    new to mead

    thats not my experience at all... I have mead that I just finished in secondary that im drinking now. Two months from start to finish, super delicious raspberry vanilla mead... mmm OP, please post more info. How long as this been going, what was OG, current SG, yeast strain, was nutrient used...
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    Rhrino fart filter...

    1) Im not adding copper-sulfate additive, which is typically FAR more copper than would be added by this method. I wouldnt even bother with that, Id just dump the $15 in cider before going down the laboratory-ish method. 2) The safe limit of copper is 1mg/L, which would be a huge amount of...
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    Rhrino fart filter...

    In 10 years I have never had a batch of cider get so stank that I was worried. This batch was H2S central ( just juice and s04, OG 1.050, ferm temp 38 to 65 in my greenhouse, nutrient added 2 days in, stank developed at 4 days Took a tip from wine folks and ran my cider through a copper pot...
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    How much honey?

    I have to say that 25lb honey with 1. 5 gal water would not work. Not sure where you saw that. Good place to start is 3lb per gal
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    First batch of cider

    Straight juice is about 1.050 SG, and if you finish it at 1.010 sweet you come in at about 5%. Add .5lb sugar to each gallon to kick it up 1-1.5% from that.
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    First batch of cider

    Meh, I have used both and there is little difference in the outcome. I do probably 20 gal a year of hard and only use fresh press for drinking (not fermented) there's a huge difference in flavor when unfermented but most of that difference goes out the airlock during fermentation.
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    Carbonating and alcohol

    Your final alc calc is from OG to FG (the final final number ). And i second everyone else's comments on care when bottling. I do a lot of cider and its more dangerous to bottle than beer. went to kegging a long time ago. $100 investment in perfect carbonation an nothing exploding
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    Help me turn my 18 pounds of honey into mead!

    Can't try different yeasts and ferment temps if you do that... And no I'm in Kansas... Been to Sigonella a bunch of times for work though :)
  13. vespa2t

    Cider stopped at 1.001, is this ok?

    1) how does it taste? 2) how dry do you want it? Your in the dryer zone of cider where your at...
  14. vespa2t

    Help me turn my 18 pounds of honey into mead!

    Honestly, if this is your first go at mead, do some 4l batches first to try different things rather than make 20l. The honey won't go bad as you have a smaller batch going. Buona fortuna
  15. vespa2t

    Can someone estimate this ABV?

    Wow that's a hella high OG. I think I would cut it with some AJ or even water. You'd have a tough time getting that to not be cloying when done