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    So, have you ever urinated in the shower?

    Hey, now that I'm in my 50's, sometimes I can't help but urinate in the shower.
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    Feh. Movies.

    I find most movies to be trash and yet I can sit and watch them for hours. I can also watch college basketball and football for hour after hour without getting antsy. As long as I have beer and snacks, I can stay put for long stretches. It's probably not a good thing for my mind or my body but I...
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    Most KICK ASS Movie Ever

    You won't be disappointed
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    Most KICK ASS Movie Ever

    How about Hitman? You've got Timothy Olyphant kicking butt and then you've got Olga Kurylenko about as sexy as it gets
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    Most KICK ASS Movie Ever

    I'll throw out 3: Kill Bill Vol. ! Braveheart Last of the Mohicans
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    What movie sucks you in?

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - incredible musical score and best ever showdown. The Last of the Mohicans - the scenery and DD Lewis and Madeleine Stowe great together. Millers Crossing - tremendous cast and such great dialogue
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    Calling all IPA lovers...what are your favorite 3?

    FFF Zombie Dust RR Pliny the Elder Schlafly TIPA
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    top 5 commercial brews...

    Duvel, La Fin du Monde, Dreadnaught, Zombie Dust, Franziskaner Hefe
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    First Batch Of Belgian Tripel(extract)

    My last two batches were an extract Belgian strong golden and a Tripel and the results so far are very satisfying so I'll offer advice from my extremely limited experience. First, I think the yeast you're using is fine but one vial will definitely not be enough to do the job. You'll either need...
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    I think they're hot, but you probably don't

    Did anyone mention Rooney Mara in "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo"? I thought she was sizzling, white hot but I'm sure lots of guys and gals didn't.
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    Will bottles still carb under 70 degrees?

    Hi, I bottled my Delirium Tremens extract clone (10% abv) a week ago. I used just under a cup of corn sugar and 3/4 vial of WLP 570 at bottling. I have it in the warmest room in my house and it's at 66-67 degrees. Will it carb just as well there as at 70 degrees and just take a little longer or...
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    How much/what kind of yeast for bottling?

    Hi everyone, I brewed an extract Delirium Tremens clone 7 weeks ago and I'm going to be bottling Friday. It attenuated a bit more than I expected and it's a tad over 10%. I want it to be fairly effervescent so I want to reyeast to make sure it carbs properly. I used Belgian yeast. Can I get a...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Clone (w/ additions)

    Thanks for the update. I've been following this thread and thinking about making this my next brew according to your recipe but a bit lighter on the orange and ginger. Good job.
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    best beer you have ever tasted

    My fiancee and I were looking for a little neighborhood beer bar near our hotel in NYC when we were there for a long weekend. I wanted to have a quick beer before a day of sightseeing and museums with my bro who lives there. We found this little place on 106th and Columbus that had just opened...