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    Help me make the reddest beer that was ever red

    It did have a slightly earthy flavor. Nothing unpleasant about it. Probably could be masked if you wanted with maybe some Munich added to a light base, or even some hop bursting. Depends on what you're going for. Red as hell though.
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    Help me make the reddest beer that was ever red

    Check out that link posted by maxam on the first page of this thread. I used beets the same way as the guy in post #18 of that thread and had great results! VERY red indeed! You blend two peeled, raw beets with (i think) 2 cups of water and strain it. The resulting liquid is blood red and you...
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    Saranac Brewery

    I used to love me some Saranac when I lived in NY. Great stuff! I heard they had a fire a year or so ago. Maybe longer. You have any details on that? Hope they're doing ok.
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    all my beers have the same flavor

    I noticed that too when I was brewing extract. As soon as I moved to all grain... GONE! I actually did one batch with only DME right before I went all grain that didn't have that flavor, but it was kind of expensive in comparison. My money's on your LME.
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    Good deals on erlenmeyer flask 2000ml?

    2000 is nice. I like mine... but sometimes I wish I had a 5000. Lots of times you just need more yeast, and with a 2000 stepping up often requires decanting. Ugh.
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    Any Mpls brewers have Simcoe?

    SHOOK, Thanks!! I placed my order! I checked a few other online retailers, but no dice. I appreciate the lead!
  7. VanHolton

    Any Mpls brewers have Simcoe?

    I'd be most grateful to any Minneapolis brewers willing to sell or trade me 2 oz of Simcoe. Any takers? Thanks!!
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    Washing and repitching

    I would do two jars. The little bit of slurry you get on the bottom of an 8 oz jar isn't enough I don't think. You could also use a bigger larger jar, and after you pour off into the smaller ones, you'll have quite a bit left in there if you just want to immediately pitch. I'd make sure you...
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    One for all you web developers...

    I fun beer I just made: Ruby On Ale
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    Ruby Red Ale (please check my hops)

    Here's my final product. 1) The end result tastes a little beety, but not bad. 2) The head is pink, and I would prefer white. Not sure what to do there. 3) All in all, it was a fun beer!
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