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    How to convert a Perlick low-profile sankey tap to ball lock

    Glad to know it worked out! As for removing the barbs, you can do with a full keg too, but just screw the base of the tap in, don't push down the top part, and it'll work just the same. Beer on!
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    Stuck sparges. Get rid of fb?

    How do you mash in your grains? Dump water and then a bunch of grains or grains and then water? I usually like to put in a couple inches of grain above the false bottom, then slowly pour some water, then a bit more grains, then the rest of the water, and the rest of the grains. No dough balls...
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    Need to find a better way for All-Grain

    I have a rather easy setup, Home Depot round 10gal cooler and a SS false bottom. Something that helps is to fill it up with hot water 2h before mashing, so it heats up the walls. Doing it this way, I am able to measure the exact amount of heat I lose on the mash, it's always been consistent at...
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    Blowout Bucket, Sanitary?

    I usually put the blow-off hose into a bottle of cheap vodka. Works wonders.
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    How to convert a Perlick low-profile sankey tap to ball lock

    Hey everyone, So this is something I've had on my to-do list for a while, and I finally got to it. Now I have a setup where I can easily switch between commercial kegs and cornies in my kegerator. I got one of those Perlick low-profile sankey taps at Beverage Factory the other day for $48...