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    Imperial Brown Ale, Suggestions??

    Pretty sure splenda isn't fermentable. Not sure on the amount you'd need to balance.
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    aha yeast?

    Yea, the oh crap yeast is a good idea. I'll stock up on a couple different kinds next time I'm at the store. Thanks for the help guys..
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    aha yeast?

    yea.. Typing from a phone isn't so great. I'll have to wait well over 48 hours. I'm wondering if my wort will be fine to repitch in three days?
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    aha yeast?

    I just brewed a hefe from ahs and so far it has no activity. It's been over 24 hours. It was shipped in warm weather and I was curious what the odds of the yeast dying over the trip are? I ordered it with the ice pack And all that but it arrived very warm. My main problem is it was brewed...
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    Cheap Kegerator?

    I just found the "Show me your keggerator" thread. Dunno why that didn't come up in my search. Some really nice ones on there. Seems like that would be a fun little project. That'll be my plan. Anyone have any specifics on dimensions? Specifically what I'd need for three kegs to fit?
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    Cheap Kegerator?

    So, I'm slowly collecting all the pieces of my beer-kegging puzzle and the piece that is giving me the most trouble is the fridge. I'm curious what everyone uses to keep their kegs cool. I don't really have the cash to go blow on an actual keggerator and all the used refrigerators that I...
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    Pot Size

    That settles it then.. Thanks for the quick responses!
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    Pot Size

    So, I'm going to go all-grain soon and have been shopping around. I found a 60qt pot at a reasonable price. My question is: Can a brew pot be too big? I'll be starting out with 5 gallon batches and I'm curious if I'll have any problems with scorching or some other unforeseeable result...
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    Time running out?

    Thanks guys..
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    Time running out?

    I bought 2.5 lbs of grain with intentions of doing my first mini-mash and my LHBS was kind enough to crush it for me. A couple friends caught wind of this and decided to set up a brew day when we can all get a day off.. My question is: How long can I store crushed grain? Will it lose any...
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    Critique this method

    Anything that takes time away from my brew day I frown upon...
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    Volume in fermenter

    I'm jumping the gun here with my stupid wine making questions as I haven't actually read any published material on the subject however, I think I have a pretty good idea on the basic procedure except on how exactly to correctly bring the volume of the must to 5 gallons or whatever you're...
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    Newcastle Clone?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a Malt Extract Newcastle clone recipe. I searched around and I could only come up with All-Grain recipes. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Last few Batches... sniff

    I read somewhere an interesting idea to keep the beer cool in the fermenter.. Get one of those wide mouthed "buckets" (I see'em most used with inside plants to prevent water from going everywhere) and put the fermenter in it with a little water at the bottom. Then drape towels that are dipped...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I dunno if it's somewhere in the hundreds of pages of this thread but, Is it not required to carbonate this? If not, which way do you folks prefer it? To carb or not to carb.. That is the question!!