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    Older Yeast

    How long is to long to have yeast and not brew with it ? I have a yeast dated Nov 2012, its been in the fridge since purchasing it. Will a starter be enough or should it be a case where I just pour it down the drain ? :confused:
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    Conversion of Percent to Lbs.

    I stepped away from brewing for awhile but now Im back and having a brain fart. Ive got a recipe for a Pliney The Elder clone but all my notes indicate my malt bill in percentages rather than pounds and ounces and I cant recall how I convert that. :confused:
  3. upperNY01brewer

    White Powder on Top

    It does look very similar to the pic you posted, just a lot thinner of a coating.
  4. upperNY01brewer

    White Powder on Top

    Ok so I just arrived home last night from a 3 week Belgian beer holiday and looked in on my American Amber that I transferred into secondary before I left and it has a white powdery film on top of it. Am I looking at a infection and having to dump this batch ? Ive never had that before. :(
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    BeerSmith 2.0 Question

    I just recently purchased BrewSmith 2.0 and I have one question. I have plenty of recipes that I want to enter so as I can get the fully use out of it and one thing Im having a problem with is when entering the style Im finding that there isn't always a style to fit with them. They all cant be a...
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    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    I'm sorry I meant 1.040, so no it hasn't dropped another 10 gravity points.
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    Estranged wife and taxes

    Hardly the dumbest advice !!!! Have you had to go through the courts dealing with a divorce ? If not you don't have a clue that the courts are usually not going to rule in a mans favor, no matter the circumstances and how well you and the future ex are treating each other. Ive dealt with it...
  8. upperNY01brewer

    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    If I was to pitch fresh yeast do you think a starter is really needed ? OG was 1.072 and is down to 1.030 and am shooting for 1.016, Ive never been in this position before so this is all uncharted territory for me.
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    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    Thanks for the advice, I will take it to heart, and use this as a learning lesson.:mug:
  10. upperNY01brewer

    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    I used Wyeast (1728) Scottish Ale yeast and like I mentioned being not truly ready for the brew day( peer pressure got the best of me) and I didn't do a starter. I know there is always suspended yeast left during the transfer to secondary, but is advisable to repitch another pack of yeast ? The...
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    Estranged wife and taxes

    Nice guys finish last, stick it to her and keep all the money to yourself, you have earned the right. Been there done that !!!!!!!
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    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    Yea I followed the instructions, and I was telling myself not to(should have listened to the inner voices):mad:
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    Porter Stopped Fermentation

    I brewed up Nothern Brewers Bourbon Barrel Porter on 01/08/13 with a O.G. of 1.074(was shooting for 1.065) and for the last 2 days it has held @ 1.040. I transferred over to the secondary and added my oak chips and bourbon but Im thinking of just adding another pack of yeast to get it down. Put...
  14. upperNY01brewer

    New Beer Label - Thoughts?

    Very cool, even my seven yr old sitting here with me says it "sweet" !!!!
  15. upperNY01brewer

    stubby bottles

    I got old school stubbys bottles from Genesee Brewery here in Rochester, NY, but the unfortunate things is you have to drink the beer to get the bottles....Yea not that good of a beer line, thought the Cream Ale is the flagship of Cream Ales in the USA, at least that's what I have been told.