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    Karankawa Pale Ale

    I cracked a bottle of this last night after just over 2 weeks in the bottle. It's awesome. I'll give it another week or two to smooth out, but SWMBO wants to drink it all right now. This recipe is a winner.
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    That's just CO2... right?

    Rock on... thanks. Just wanted to get some more sets of eyes on it. I haven't seen bubbles like that before, but it didn't really look like anything nasty, either. It's also a little surprising that Notty hasn't dropped out completely, but no big deal. I was going to rack to secondary to...
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    That's just CO2... right?

    This is my amber ale, 11 days old. I took a hydro sample two days ago and gave it a gentle swirl to try to get some of the yeast colonies on top to drop out. I took another sample today, and saw this (the clear spot on the right is where I drew today's sample): The beer tastes fine: the...
  4. Amberale


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    Oktoberfest Ale Recipe - Assistance Needed

    Have you looked at BierMuncher's OktoberFAST and EdWort's Bee Cave Oktoberfest? Both ales in the general Oktoberfest style. Both have some Munich in addition to the Vienna and Pilsner, with Pilsner malt making up less than half of the grain bill. Ed calls for WLP029, and I just used it in...
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    Recommend me an alt?

    I brewed up Austin Homebrew's Long Trail Ale clone and, while it's still a little green (I don't think I gave WLP029 enough time to clean itself up in primary), it's a good beer. I can't say if it's an exact clone, though--I haven't had Long Trail in ages, and really only bought the kit because...
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    Bottle Count\Batching Timing Question

    I gave up on removing labels after my second or third batch. I just rinse the empties really well (right after pouring) and then hang them on the bottle tree. On bottling day, I hit them with some StarSan from the vinator and fill them. Easy as pie. I've got about 150 in the rotation right...
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    Mild-Blonde Recipe Needed

    You can't go wrong with Centennial Blonde. (The extract recipe is here.)
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    Partial boils - latest Basic Brewing Radio podcast

    Ah, interesting! (I'm clearly behind-the-times a bit; I'll have to read through that thread.) And doubly-interesting, I suppose, because, in the experiment, they made a serious effort to keep trub out of the fermenter. I wonder, then, if dumping all the break material in the fermenter would...
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    Partial boils - latest Basic Brewing Radio podcast

    Hope I didn't miss a thread about this, but has anybody listened to the latest Basic Brewing Radio podcast? The topic is the result from the BYO partial boil experiment, comparing hops utilization and color differences between full boil, partial boil, and partial boil with late extract addition...
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    Brewmasters Warehouse

    You're not kidding. I just managed 5 more points than I'd planned on a 5.5lb (partial mash) grain bill. Yee-haw.
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    Brewmasters Warehouse

    I used the BrewBuilder discount last week omitting the hops and yeast: just got grains and extract (for PM). Awesome price. I'm really happy with the order, too. Really well-packed and labeled (and very, very few packing peanuts in the box, which is great; whenever there's a bunch of those...
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    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    Exactly. I tend to brew (and bottle) when I would otherwise be watching TV, reading a book, playing a video game, or sleeping. That is, not making money. If you have a few spare hours every couple of weeks, homebrewing can definitely be a money-saver (well, unless your consumption increases...
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    what's your favorite ale fermenting temp

    I try to keep it around 64-65 when I can. I fermented around 64 with Notty this week, though, and it took a 1.050 beer to 1.012 in somewhere south of 96 hours. Yee-haw.
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    Karankawa Pale Ale

    I brewed this on Monday, and man, that airlock smells awesome. I want to stick a straw in there and start drinking every time I swap out the ice in the swamp cooler.