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    Partygyle question

    I've posted a super (overly) simple way to ballpark it a few times. But, your mash efficiency and mash out procedure can make it vary a lot.
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    Non-IPA Style Suggestions for Vermont Ale Yeast

    I had an American wheat score 41 with it. I think the peachy tone plays well with clean red wheat. The generations while stepping this strain up from storage had wild flavor and attenuation swings for me. (Yeast Bay strain). Cheers
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    Scored 58% today and not sure why

    Try a mashout at 165 for 10min and see what that does for your efficiency.
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    Help Yeast Bite? What to do now?

    Just off the cuff I would say your lhbs dude is a hack. Kolsch is a hard style to nail. I would say that a lot of micros screw it up to, but that's old from what I've read. I've never been to Cologne. Depending on your experience level, You should think of Flavors and tastes that you find...
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    bubble gum ester from Conan Yeast?

    I got bubblegum once from Conan in a wheat that finished @ 1.011, it seemed to mellow quickly into that peachy people talk about. Yeasts can vary greatly from generations, especially when stepping up from very small or less viable samples. Keep those generations going and the esters should...
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    aerate when pitching on yeast cake?

    Sounds good! The hop scrubbing I've found around homebrewtalk here and there. Post results
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    aerate when pitching on yeast cake?

    This is along the line of the pitch rate discussion. As many of us understand it, oxygen is crucial to the reproductive/populating phase of fermentation. But, if your pitch rate is high enough that you don't need many more new (daughter) cells, you may not need it. Oxygen affects more aspects of...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Last night I brewed an American lite lager and a Düsseldorf altbier. Huge efficiency on both but the wind was blowing and it took awhile to get to boil on the last beer which was partially cold sparged. Start to finish took like 5.5 hours. I was ready to sleep. The alt was a new record for...
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    HELP!!!!! I need help with a stout

    So you need HELP, but the beer is already carbonated? Looks totally infected besides being a terrible recipe. Dump it immediately and never brew beer again! j/k
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    Slightly estery, high attenuation yeast?

    Notty? Belgian strain maybe?
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    Abbey Malt

    I too just used it in an amber. Haven't tasted it yet. But sounds like that sweetness would be good for something like a RIS that you are going to store for awhile.
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    Hop stand method and hazy

    If is hop resins you are seeing, they aren't going to drop out completely. The last half of the keg will be bright but all your resins will be gone and you will not have quite the hop flavor.
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    Sparge water not hot enough.

    When I mashout at 165, I seem to always overshoot my OG. So, maybe you saved this brew from being a triple IPA! Better lucky than good anyday.
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    water for american premium lager

    Is this the first time you've used lactic acid? Every acid I've used jumped out at my palate initially, but lactic the most. I get the exact taste you are describing from even half the standard taste threshold. I switched to phos, but it is not without its own palate subtleties. Run it by...
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    interested in getting into kegging but have a few questions

    Best investment in home brewing!