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    Fully Automated Brew Rig

    Man.. I dunno. I mean, I'm all maker at heart, and I'm all for maximizing time efficiency... and I salute the engineering that goes into an automated system. But to me, full automation kinda defeats the purpose. The enjoyment of brewing to me comes from DOING the brewing. Automation is for...
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    Glycol Chiller setup with a Blichmann Fermenator Possible?

    Don't know the size of the fridge. It's an older fridge that was given to me. I gutted everything in it and the fermenter just barely fits. I'm using this temp controller: http://morebeer.com/view_product/16664/102282/Ranco_Digital_Two-Stage_Temperature_Controller_-_Wired with the heater...
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    Glycol Chiller setup with a Blichmann Fermenator Possible?

    I'd go with a ferm chamber. Just make sure it's WELL insulated. I've got my 14g blichmann in a gutted fridge with a ferm-wrap taped to the fridge walls. Believe it or not, the fermwrap can keep the ambient fridge temp @ 70deg even when it's below 32 in the garage.
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    Gravity Brew Stand (Seeking Input)

    Here's my brewery if you want to check out a gravity system that works well and has done QUITE a few batches for me: http://www.lancedrolet.com/?p=7 Here are some things I considered when I made mine. First, I'm not crazy about keeping the Cajun Cookers intact. Even clamped onto the frame, I...
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    Weldless brew stand.

    Mine's actually quite mobile. Of course, you can't move it when the tanks are full, but that's kind of the point of only having wheels on one side. The weight of the tanks provides stability. And ladders aren't required. There's a fill valve on the bottom of the HLT with a quick-hose-disconnect...
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    Weldless brew stand.

    Excellent build! That's pretty similar to mine (in construction materials, anyway): http://www.lancedrolet.com/?p=7 But I didn't want to shell out for the pumps, so mine is a 3 tier...
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    First Class

    Hey everybody. I'm here asking a little advice. My daughter's daycare does a fund-raising benefit / auction once a year where the parents donate a product or service for other parents to bid on. This year, I donated one homebrewing lesson. I'm providing ingredients, instruction / advice...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    10 gal of Oatmeal Cream Stout 5 gal of Double Chocolate Stout 10 gal of IPA
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    3-tier all-grain system. No welding.

    Ok, quick edit. Since blogger no longer does FTP updates, I switched to wordpress... The new address is: http://www.lancedrolet.com/?p=7
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    3-tier all-grain system. No welding.

    Yeah... the metal can be expensive (especially @ hardware / home stores) it's cheaper online or from a metal yard. If you can get it under $1 per foot, that's pretty good. Mine probably cost somewhere around $200 for the frame (bought a couple of pieces at a time over several weeks). I'd imagine...
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    3-tier all-grain system. No welding.

    1. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" galvanized slotted angle 2. I used 1/2" bolts, but 3/4" would work. They just have to be long enough to go through 2 pieces of angle iron, a nut and a washer... Words of wisdom?? Just that the more obsessively you plan it out on paper, the better the finished product will...
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    3-tier all-grain system. No welding.

    I've gotten a few requests for info about my all-grain system (dimensions, materials, etc...) so I decided to put it all in a blog post once and for all... If you're interested in building a simple 3-tier, single-infusion, semi-portable, all-grain brewing sculpture without welding and maybe need...
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    Hair of the Dog - Blue Dot IIPA Clone

    Ok, I brewed this last week (dry-hopped yesterday). Here's my recipe (altered for what I could find, what I already had etc...): Malt: 30lbs German Pils malt 3lbs Flaked Rye Hops: 75 min: 2oz cascade 4oz centenial 30 min: 2oz cascade 4oz centenial knockout: 2oz cascade 4oz centenial dry...
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