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  1. ubermick

    Dual tap tower minus the taps

    Cheers man, let me know!
  2. ubermick

    Dual tap tower minus the taps

    Still have it? If so, shipping to 94954? Building a kegerator for a buddy of mine who's gone through some hard times, and this would be ideal!
  3. ubermick

    California Brand new Morebeer Ultimate Sparge Arm - $120 shipped

    Brand new, never used. $120 shipped via Paypal (local pickup too, of course, in the North SF Bay)
  4. ubermick

    Cost of CO2?!?

    CO2 baffles me. I used to go to a place in Santa Rosa where it was $5 for the service and $1 per lb for the fill. They closed down, and my LHBS wants $21.99 for a 5lb exchange. Thanks to the prevalence of weed around here (woohoo!) there are plenty of hydroponics shops that exchange a 20lb for...
  5. ubermick

    SS Brewtech Brite Tanks

    Yep, go through the full thing - I don't have a hop spider though, preferring to let the little fellas roam free in my boil, but do use a filter on the kettle's pickup tube. Various dumps throughout the conical cycle as well. Just seems to be oddly unavoidable for me. I paid full whack for my...
  6. ubermick

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    I'd ordered some stuff from Jaybird via Amazon (had a gift card) prior to the fire taking hold, and happy to say they shipped out yesterday. So assumedly our favourite stainless nut is back at work, and hopefully back at home safe and sound. (Probably needs a spot of time to deal with stuff...
  7. ubermick

    SS Brewtech Brite Tanks

    I'm a bit intrigued by these as well. Been watching some video reviews, they do seem to do a good job in helping to make really clean finished beer that's ready to go in a fraction of the time after fermentation's done. I've thought about getting a couple of carb lids for my kegs to burst carb...
  8. ubermick

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Recently gave Emily a good cleaning, replaced her keggles with some shiny new Spikes. Since this was taken, replaced the March pumps with Riptides for good measure. She sure doesn't look that shiny now!
  9. ubermick

    Raspberry Pi for fermentation control

    I'm using a pair of Arduino Uno's using a community sponsored shield that @Bigdaddyale sorted to run the LCD because I detested BrewPi's web interface. However the updated web interface that Thorrak has made for Fermentrack is great, and find myself using that all the time. Fermentrack is...
  10. ubermick

    Raspberry Pi for fermentation control

    Heya Ryan - same boat here, was out for three years having just built a brewpi. I switched my fermentation setup to a pair of SS Brewtech Chronicals and was going to just go their Fss setup (or whatever it's called) but thankfully @Thorrak is keeping the brewpi very much alive on our end...
  11. ubermick

    Tennessee Colorado Brewing System, SSBrewtech Fermentors and Brite Tank for sale $1500

    Interested in breaking the setup up, and if so willing to ship? (and PM sent)
  12. ubermick

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Every appendage is crossed for you and everyone else in Redding while the Carr fire burns. And @Alt, hope you managed to avoid disaster from last year in the Tubbs fire. Cheers, Gaz (Petaluma, CA)
  13. ubermick

    If you could design your homebrewery again, what would you do differently?

    Happy enough with the setup I have. In hindsight, I wouldn't have gone with the SS Brewtech Chronicals - there's nothing wrong with them, but wish I'd waited an extra 4-5 months, I'd have gotten the Unitanks instead. Aside from that, someone already mentioned it - a floor drain. I'd love for my...
  14. ubermick

    California Commercial 6-Faucet Stainless Glycol T-Tower

    Bump for something that I forgot was for sale!