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  1. TyTanium

    Homebrewing -- Does it take too long?

    A shorter brewday makes weeknight brewing easy. 3 game changers: 45 min mash, single batch sparge, and 45 min boil...I'm start to finish in 3 hrs. 6:00 - 6:30 Measure water, water additions, start heating, crush grain 6:30 - 7:15 mash 7:15 - 7:45 sparge / heat to boil 7:45 - 8:30 boil...
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    It works faster with cold beer, but isn't necessary. I've added gel at bottling before; to room-temp beer; and let them carb up at room temp. Then in the fridge to chill as normal and the gel worked as intended. Just leaves a little more gel-like slime at the bottom of the bottle, but the...
  3. TyTanium

    Would apperciate some direction with WL029 Kolsch Yeast

    This yeast can take some time to clear; cold conditioning helps. I'd take it down to 35F if you can. Two weeks at 35F and it'll be bright and tasty. You can do it in primary or in the keg.
  4. TyTanium

    80% Pilsen/10% Wheat/5% Vienna/5% Carared PALE ALE

    Looks great!. If it were me, I'd go 10% Vienna (or Munich...I prefer Munich, but either is great) and 5% wheat. 5% wheat with a 155 mash temp will give you plenty of mouthfeel, and I'd rather have more of the Vienna/Munich character come through.
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    HIDEOUS brewing confessions..........

    Here's my confession: I haven't brewed since JANUARY. And haven't logged in here in about the same. For shame. ...but...yeast is on the plate brewery is back in business.
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    SWMBO Heading to Milwaukee - Brew Suggestions

    Hamm's? Not sure if you have that in Omaha. So good. And New Glarus anything. Moon Man is my favorite.
  7. TyTanium

    Am I a bad person?

    It's always discouraging when you go into a small shop and leave with a bad experience. The only reason these guys stay in business is because people value convenience and good customer service. Lousy service = no customers. I'm never one to expect a discount, but usually there's at least...
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    Pliny the Toddler

    Wow, I bet that smells good. My desk smells like Taco Bell. You win :) I prefer Chinook to Columbus in the DH...too much Columbus in the DH always seems overpowering to me; I haven't hit the "too much Chinook" point yet. Just my taste and experience though.
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    I tried Pliny the Younger

    A lot of people don't understand why we give up 5 hours to make beer.
  10. TyTanium

    Using spent grains instead of barley or rice hulls

    I like the idea, good thinking
  11. TyTanium

    Do You Guys Have Beer Daily, Or Am I A Drunk ?

    Make take is, if you're asking the question, you're already approaching (or have even passed) the point of too much. Binge drinking is obviously subpar for your health, but for many people, so is "constant" drinking, even if moderate. Take a break for a while, see what happens.
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    Homebrew ROI?

    Think in terms of maximizing utility and you'll be fine. The tough part about brewing economics is most people just compare price per oz and don't adjust for changes in quantity. On the margin, homebrew is cheaper, therefore, quantity consumed increases, ceteris parabis. So yes, I'm spending...
  13. TyTanium

    What is my gravity?

    9.8 m / s^2 Couldn't resist. :hs:
  14. TyTanium

    Bell Jar Bottling?

    They are designed for negative pressure. Positive pressure breaks the seal pretty easily. I use them for storing hops and specialty grain instead.
  15. TyTanium

    Hopheads...what else do you brew??

    BoPils. Still hoppy, but different hoppy. Also, Pale Ales with clean, crisp hop presence, but not in your face. Easy drinking. Maris Otter + Munich + CaraMalt + 002 + simple hops all added late.