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    New Control Panel

    Got schematics? :D :ban:
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    Propane and multi burners

    I'll try to be brief. Yes I have searched the forum :D I have (2) propane burners, and (1) regulator What is the best way to plumb for this? Can I go from regulator to "T" fitting and run copper pipe to each burner and use a needle valve to control each burner separately? From...
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Just built this. Quick and easy. I even got to gloat to SWMBO about how I really DID need to keep all of those old PC parts for something useful :ban: For some reason though (perhaps magnet is not centered enough) it throws my 1.5" stir bar, but the 1" seems fine (as long as I keep...
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    Coleman Xtreme 70qt MLT Conversion

    I just got an Igloo 120 qt from Wal-Mart on Wednesday (to upgrade from my Rubbermaid 48 qt) because I needed the room for a 10-gallon Bock (30 lb +/- grain bill!) It worked like a charm. :D
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    C Pvc

    Can anyone state me reasons that CPVC couldn't be used as a component in a DIY counter pressure filler setup? Sorry if it has already been asked, but I can't seem to find it in search.