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    What are you drinking now?

    having a new canadian rye and cola. very nice. here in canada wiskey breweries have taken off and theres many brands to try.
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    Basic keg equipment, bare minimum start up?

    bottle with 2L pop bottles. they stay carbonated for at least 3 days of drinking from and you only need 11-12 per batch. cheap effective. low bottling time, less to clean and less containers to fill. the only downside is if you crack a bottle and its not ready you waste 2L. just be patient and...
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    do you brew alone?

    i tell my friends WHO WILL HELP ME PICK THE CORN.... ya know the story? only when no one helps me i still share with them... im a pushover.
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    Super Kleer made my cider cloudy and it will not settle! Help!

    cold crash in the tub with slow running cool water so it dosent overflow. this should get it to 6 degrees C or so.
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    8 year old kit.

    i have no green thumb but perhaps a purple one?
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    8 year old kit.

    bottled this wine today and it tastes just fantastic. no plummy tastes only cranberry and shiraz. the wine is dry because i did not halt fermentation early but its very drinkable. im supprised the low shelf life they put on these kits. cheers to all!
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    re-used yeast wont settle

    i never thought of that. thankyou for clearing this.
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    re-used yeast wont settle

    ive used a strain of yeast by wyeast 1007 german ale. i never harvest the yesast, i just repitch on old cake. this was the third generation and all of a sudden the yeast is taking much longer to settle. it is going but verrry slowly. the previous batches were much more flocullant.
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    Kit on its way!!!

    just read that link. excellent. great stuff thanks!
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    using toasted flaked oats as an adjunct.

    when i say im not following rules i mean im not sing an oatmeal barley mash in a stout and im using ale yeast instead of lager yeast.
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    First Batch

    i just drank my first bottle of festa red ale the other day and it was great. its very easy but is guaranteed not to have you scared off by brewing a crap first batch!
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    What are you drinking now?

    drinking a wild turkey burbon and cola because my pilsner hasent become rocky-mountain (my freezer) cold yet.
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    using toasted flaked oats as an adjunct.

    GAAAAAA!! im super excited! im toasting today and will brew tomorrow. i will actually be adding this to a pilsner LME and fermenting with an ale yeast. i dont really follow any rules. im thinking whats inexpensive and could work? and the pilsner is 12 bucks on blow out.
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    using toasted flaked oats as an adjunct.

    thankyou for your responses. just got back with some domestic 2-row..........ITS MY FIRST MALT!!! going to mash 1.5 kilos with about 1.5 kilos toasted oats and add as the fermentable sugars in a liquid malt extract kit.
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    How do I hook my Dad onto Brewing?

    make a brew such as a traditional ale. then buy and consume a 6 pack of a similar brew. then bottle and gift him said bottles. if he likes it... SURPRISE!!! btw 68-72 is great for a traditional ale.