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    Transfer carbonated beer from All Rounder to keg

    OK, take this with a grain of salt since I haven't even done a batch yet in my All Rounder. However, I used to ferment in Sanke kegs and pressure transferred. I plan to do the same thing with the All Rounder: 1. Pressurize the All Rounder(AR) with 4-5PSI 2. Pressure in keg should be less...
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    Unboxing and First thoughts on the Fermzilla All Rounder

    Good to hear! I'm still waiting on my floating dip tube and ball lock connections, but I'm eager to try it out. I plan on hooking up the gas output to a corny keg and using the fermentation to purge the corny with CO2. This will then be my serving keg.
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    Unboxing and First thoughts on the Fermzilla All Rounder

    Just got one of these myself! How do you like it so far? Any tips/tricks?
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    Quick lager with Wyeast 2007 Pilsen yeast?

    I'm going to try pressure fermentation and I have some 2007 on hand. I know that Wyeast has some specific pressure fermentation yeast, but I'm wondering if the 2007 will work fine. I'd like to ferment at around 62F for 7-10 days (whenever it's done). FWIW I'll be using the KegLang All Rounder...
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    New to Grain and Brewzilla at the same time

    Also a proud Brewzilla 3.1 owner here, and I think you'll love it. It's not a perfect system, but I've brewed some damn good beer on it. It's also nice to have an all in one setup. Here's my basic brew day: 1. Filter water for mash in, usually about 5 gallons for a normal 5-6% beer 2. Turn...
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    1 Barrel (volume) Fermentation Options

    This isn't going to help with a full bbl, but I've used Sanke kegs for fermenting 10-12 gallon batches. Living in a college town, they're pretty easy to find for cheap and then you just need to pull the spear and add a conversion kit. Here's one...
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    Fermentation chamber heating?

    I use a fermwrap heater, taped to the back of my chest freezer fermentation chamber. I have a dual stage Inkbird, and this setup keeps my temps dialed in perfectly. A little more expensive than a light bulb or cheap heater, but doesn't break the bank.
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    New Anvil Bucket Fermentors

    Does anyone know the inside diameter of the stopper hole? I'm thinking about putting a 1.5" TC weldless fitting up there but not sure if it'll fit.
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    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    That is a beautiful brew stand and really interesting CFC. How is the performance on that vs. say a typical 25' rubber hose and copper CFC?
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    How long for Nottingham to clear?

    With EC-1118 it's cloudy for me until almost 4 weeks. With US-05 and Nottingham I've found it's a week earlier. However, EC-1118 produces a more boozy/wine taste rather than a clean ale taste. Both are good, but the ale yeasts tend to mellow out faster IME.
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    Pellet Hops deliver nearly all of their potential IBU's with as little as 25 minutes of boiling

    I've been trying out pellets in all my beers for the last few months and I've had good results. The next one I do I'm going to give a 30-minute boil a try on a Pale or Amber ale and see how it turns out. Would be nice to shorten the brew day by 30-60 minutes!
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    Anyone using the Anvil False Bottom for Mash Tun Conversion?

    I'm looking to pick up an Anvil 10g kettle and their 10g false bottom. Links below. The false bottom design is...interesting. Just wondering if anyone has used one and what your opinion of it is. Mainly concerned about efficiency of an angled false bottom vs. flat like most that I've seen...
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    Epic Keezer Build

    Do you have some more details on the materials? Looks like perhaps walnut? Just wondering how to price materials out for something like this. I have a nice "outside" kegerator, but something like this to do in the house would be killer.
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    American IPA Sierra Nevada Celebration Clone 2013

    I'm going to brew a slight modification of this recipe. My beers tend to come out sweeter, so the biggest change is the mash temperature and addition of Carapils. IME, it gives the right amount of body but keeping the sweetness from being too overpowering. Any thoughts? 5.5g into the...
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    Robobrew regrets?

    I've got 3 brews on the Brewzilla v3.1 now, and they have mostly gone smooth, and all successful. The first and third brews I got pretty low efficiency, about 65%. For the second one, I got great efficiency but a stuck mash. I think that was due to a much finer crush and not using any rice...