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    Advice sought: Puzzling difference in fermentation between 2 identical carboys

    This is actually a wine related question, peach wine in particular. We started 2 5 gal buckets of peach wine recently. The peaches were all hand-picked and consistent in quality. Added meta and 1/2 the sugar to start, then waited 24 hours to pitch (same yeast strain, same production date). The...
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    Selling my all-grain system here in Phx

    Anyone that's looking for a complete all-grain system, please check out my ad in the classifieds section. Got sick & need to sell. Mods - if this violates the rules please delete & accept my apologies. Just wanted to hit up the locals as it's something I'm only selling locally. Thanks!
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    Arizona - Complete 15 gal brew system - like new!

    SOLD. Thank you to everyone who commented on the system.
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    Propane boiling indoors

    We live in the AZ desert. And yet - every year - there's at least one reported story of some dip**** off'ing themselves by grilling food or running propane burners indoors. Don't be that dip****. Carbon monoxide poisoning gives zero warning. By the time you realize you made a mistake...
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    Here's the FTIR image from Brewtus:
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    RubberMaid says "NO"!

    It's really interesting you bring up BPA. Because in doing so you've pretty much answered your question. BPA had been used in food & beverage packaging for DECADES before its potentially toxic nature came to light. So why shouldn't people be concerned with other substances deemed safe at...
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    White Grape Juice/Yeast ?

    food-variety grapes & grape juice won't make a high quality wine. It will likely turn out thin & watery. Also, did you check to see if the grape juice you purchased contained preservatives such as pottasium sorbate? If so, that will put the kibosh on your fermentation. regardless, 1/2 a...
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    More info... On the assumption it is 8540 as Brewtus presumes it probably is: A) It complies with FDA FCN 424: B) In FCN 424, the following is stated on 'intended use': "As articles or components of articles used in contact with all types...
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    I found the following link which I believe shows the engage 8540 copolymer, which is one of the plastics Brewtus ID'd this as likely being, along with 4 other 'engage' products, to have been rated food-safe up to 180 degrees F...
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    Brewtus - I tried PM'ing you w/ my email address so I could get that FTIR image hosted & posted for you, but your inbox is full.
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    Who are you addressing?
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    Damn man... kind of an unappreciative attitude considering the trouble he went through to answer your question when everyone else was chucking stones at you. BTW - Ever stop to think that maybe water (oh - and should that be tap, deionized, or distilled?) might not be a good indicator of what...
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    Rubbermaid Cooler Materials ID solved!!!

    Brewtus... YOU FREAKIN' ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I owe you a homebrew or 6. Thanks so much for taking the time & effort to do this. :rockin: