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    Festbier Bee Cave Brewery Oktoberfest Ale

    Hi, any chance someone could convert this recipe to a 5 gal extract? Thanks!
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    Leaking Bottle of Extract

    As long as it won't spoil my batch I don't see any reason to send it back. I did let them know about it. I t was probably because of how it was packed, the box looked too small to hold the jug. The outside of the box had no visible damage. I want to give this company the benefit of the doubt...
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    Leaking Bottle of Extract

    I received an extract kit in the mail today that somehow was damaged in shipping. It had a half gallon bottle of dark malt that had the top pushed in. I would say about an ounce or two leaked out, what a mess. Anyway I am wondering if it is safe to use this malt, since it will be boiled anyway...
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    Some questions to help me on my way - (basic equipment use)

    Just calm down. It sounds like you did everything right. It should be fine. Visible activity can take up to 72 hours to appear.