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    Massachusetts Blichmann 7 Gallon Conical (NPT)

    Selling my conical after going back and fourth with the idea. Its only been used twice and has all of the parts and pieces inside. NPT fittings. $400
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    2-vessel for 5 and 10 gallon batches

    I'm sorry I can't provide any insight to your issue however, I too am considering a system just like the one you have here. I never even considered the issue you brought up about running a 5 gallon batch in those kettles and not covering the coil. I am not sure what the kettle losses are on a...
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    When I was building it originally, I removed the potentiometer temporarily and tried this and the fan ran at about the same speed and with the same resistance as I have a 120V AC fan at work which I can take that is about the same size but the thing is a monster weight wise. And my whole stir...
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    Here is what i have for a power adaptor: . I didn't have one laying around the house that I could cannibalize. Then a 1k potentiometer. There is about 1/8" to 1/4" to the underside of the top surface of...
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    Massachusetts Blichmann Hellfire floor burner

    Of course, the day after I buy one new....
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    its a 120mm x 120 mm x 25 mm Uxcell fan from Amazon. 12VDC and 0.16A (ding ding ding) so it is certainly too small. Its real easy to stop the fan when it is spinning and there is no blood involved. Any suggestions on other DC fans?
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    The fan sits about 1/8"-1/4" from the backside of the plastic. Would cutting a hole in the top of the plastic help? I turned it on before I enclosed it and yes the magnet is centered. I know it is centered because I had screwed that up the first time and it did have a wobble to it.
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    I built a stir plate today but it seems to have some issues with it. When I first go to turn the stir plate on, it appears as though the magnets prevent the fan from starting to spin. Has anyone else has these problems? Is the fan too weak? The size of the wire on the fan is fairly small so I...
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    Ss Brewtech Huge Giveaway - 7 Gallon Unitank + Sspunding Valve

    I'm in. Have one of their kettles and I love the thing. Can't imagine the quality on one of these.
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    Ss Brewtech 15 gallon Electric Kettle Conversion

    Did you buy the kit with the output connector option and what size temp probe did you go with to fit in the T you have on top of the kettle?
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    Ss Brewtech 15 gallon Electric Kettle Conversion

    I really appreciate everything you have documented on this thread. I have been struggling to get out of my 10 gallon setup for some time due to being restricted by my apartment. I finally found a good deal on a 15 gallon spike locally and will probably go your route with the auber controller and...
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    Unboxing the Nano from CO Brewing

    Where did you get the TC adapters for the Brew bucket tops?
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    Anyone Using Auber All In One BIAB Kit?

    Have you completed the build on this panel? If so, would you mind sharing photos?