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    Keg pressure gauge for checking carbonation?

    Did you ever resolve this?
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    Add Water Treatment to Mash or Sparge or Both?

    Is it important to include additions like Gypsum, CaCl, table salt, etc. to the mash and the sparge? Or can I add it all to the mash and be done with it?
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Count me in! Russian Imperial Stout
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    Where to buy kegerator

  5. triangulum33

    Where to buy kegerator

    My coworker loved my 3-tap keezer and his wife wants to get him one for their anniversary. Any feedback on reputable places that sell kegerators?
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    Your right. Besides curiosity, dont draw any conclusions about fermentation based how much airlock activity is visible.
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    I got a reply from MoreBeer about the replacement O-Rings: "Hello Chris, Thank you for your reply. The part number for the gasket will be FE711. We do not yet have them available in stock. They were supposed to arrive last week so they should be available on the website shortly." Nice...
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    241, I briefly open the spigot all the way to blast out any yeast or trub. The tubing I use is a tight fit, but it still can suck bubbles in (and possibly oxidize the beer), so I put a hose clamp on. I twist the spigot up and spray SS all over and in it before racking.
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    The big thin gasket that goes in the lid has been stretching and will probably need to be replaced on both my 30L. I sent an email to Morebeer to see if they have them available.
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    A couple questions about heating a fermentation chamber

    I use one of these and a cheap little fan
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    Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison - they were right!

    I have a small Saison that went from 1.043 to 1.006 in 14 days with 3724. I pitched at around 78* and ramped it up slowly a degree every 2 days. Currently at 85* headed to 90*.
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    Holiday Keezer Complete

    The factory hinges are very strong and spring loaded, so I reused them. As far as whether to hinge the collar or just the lid with the collar permanently attached to the freezer body, its a trade off: If you hinge the collar, when you open it all the tubing and faucets, etc. swing up out of...