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    High O.G.?

    I'm an idiot, I should have done a little proof reading before I posted. I meant low. I am extract brewing. When I top off my water, its a rather violent process. The water comes from about 6 feet up, and splashes good into the wort. I kinda figured doing that would mix good, and aerate.
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    High O.G.?

    I have a quick question. My last few batches have been rather low on the O.G. My last batch for example was 1.030. My beertools program said it should be 1.050. The batch before that was low also. I checked my hydrometer against water, and it was 1.000. Is it possible that I am adding too...
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    Yet another 3 tier rig--dialup warning large pix

    ahhh! Volkswagen! Nice setup too.
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    Air Force Tuition Assistance for brew classes?

    Not sure where else to post this, so I will try it here. Has anyone on here had experience using the Air Force Tuition Assistance program to pay for online Brewing courses? I'm trying to find one to take. I emailed the Siebel Institute to see if they had any experience with this...
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    Want to do a Blackberry Wheat

    Hi everyone. Still pretty new to this, and can't quite figure out how I want to do this. I'm thinking of a standard wheat recipe, and add some blackberries. I was thinking of using 3-4 lbs, moosh em down, and boil them for a few minutes, and add to the secondary. Does that sound right? I've...
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    I can see why. I had the two magnets on the garage floor when i seperated them from the hd mounting tabs, and they decided to go see each other. Broke them both. I managed to glue them together, using both magnets. Got them mounted on the fan pretty centered. Need to get an enclosure and...
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Is it possible to glue the HD magnets together if the break? haha.