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    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    Greetings. I want to purchase this app but the iTunes store is telling me that it's no longer available in the store. What's the deal?? Thanks! Travel Mon
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    Vegemite in beer?

    Greetings. A co-worker just got back from Down Under and brought me a little packet of Vegemite spread. I've wiki'd the stuff and see it's made from Brewer's yeast, so then I began thinking about how I could use it in a beer. I'll ferment just about anything. So... Anyone have an...
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    What's my ABV?

    DogFlynnHead, You ABV = 9.5% and 300 calories per 12oz. With an apparent attenuation of 68.5%. There is a great website that can calculate all this and a few other brewing related stuff on If you want the specific formula check out John Palmer's How to Brew guide or I'm sure any...
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    Blow-off tube?

    Hey Zero, No worries. First off since it sounds like you have a very active fermentation going on, I'd go ahead and remove the airlock (3 piece I hope). Then what I do is to just use the plastic part that fits into the top of the bucket. Run some hose from the stem inside the airlock and then I...
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    Got mead going... Question

    Greetings. Based on your questions here's my suggestions FWIW. 1.Would this be considered a slow or sluggish fermentation? It was much much faster during the first 4-5 days bubbling 2-3 times every 10 seconds. I wouldn't call this a slow/sluggish fermentation, it sounds to me like it's doing...
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    I want to see pix as well, this sounds like a great project. I'm especially interested in the off grid horticulture set up you've got going on.
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    I've used EC-118 on a few occasions and what I've found is that it really dries out the mead. If you use it, either be ready to add some potassium sorbate to stop fermentation when your desired semi-dry range has been achieved. Or plan to age it for a long time and that usually helps. You can...
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    Potassium Sorbate & Backsweeten

    Hey Y'all, I wanted to post an update on the Blackberry melonmel. I've got going. I originally brewed up the must on 3/18 and racked to secondary about a month later. In the meantime, it's been sitting in secondary while I figure out what's next. Originally I thought it was super dry (tasted...
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    6 Gallon batch size

    Mgaz, Does a 6.5gal have enough head space to do a 6 gallon batch? A: a 6.5 gal carboy, IMHO, has enough room for a 6 gal batch. Typically you only need a 0.5 gal headroom. Does 6.5gal have too much head space for secondary? a: headspace in secondary isn't really any issue, since the viral...
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    everyone have a drink for my POOCH tonight

    Monty, I'm sorry to hear the news about the pooch. That sucks! My dad is a vet in WA, and I've been on both spectrums, and I tell you this, I only wish that our medical profession would respect those wishes for us humans. Look, you are giving her a hell of time, she loves you and vice versa...
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    Bugs in your wort??

    Hey Beernewb, I brew in PA, similar bug issue. I really don't worry about them too much. I pick them out with my brew ladle when necessary and with the boil they typically stay away, so the faster you can bring you're wort to a boil the better you are, IMHO. Hope this helps Travel Mon
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    How long for hop pellets to settle in secondary

    Greetings. First off, one suggestion, is pantyhose. There are a brewers dry hopping friend. I typically get knee highs either from my local dollar store or from my local pharmacy. Usually the box has a set of 4, which works for 4 batches of dryhopping. I dip the knee highs in my sanitized...
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    Potassium Sorbate & Backsweeten

    Ok, so I will now plan to add some of the Potassium Metabisulfite the same day and time that I will add the Potassium Sorbate. I will then wait a couple of days to allow that time to do what it needs to do to render the yeast useless. Then I will backsweeten, but pulling a bit of the must...
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    Potassium Sorbate & Backsweeten

    Got it! I should add the honey first, wait a day or so to see if any activity happens, then add the PS if I see activity. Thanks everyone!!
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    Potassium Sorbate & Backsweeten

    I apologize, but I'm still not understanding. 1. Add the potassium sorbate (i'll use one of the methods mentioned from a previous thread above) 2. I'll wait a few days to see if any activity resumes in the must, if not. I'll go to step 3. 3. Add honey back into must to backsweeten. 4. Allow...