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    Brute force lagering

    HA! that's where I got most of the equipment from, an old overclocked machine that I built about 5 years ago, and is now obsolete. I've been debating what to use as a biocide/ freezing point depressor. I used Ethyl Glycol(antifreeze) in the computer, but I don't want to do that here since it's...
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    Brute force lagering

    First the electronics are completely enclosed so no risk there, I haven't altered anything electrically and won't have to since the thermostat has an "always on" setting. Second, you could do that, and I might be doing that in the future, but I didn't have a tub big enough to do that nicely...
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    Brute force lagering

    nope not yet. :)
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    Brute force lagering

    Long time lurker to this area and I've learned more than a few things, so here's my contribution. Here's my ghetto(but free!) test rig for temperature control. Basicly it's the evaporator of a window AC unit imersed in a bath of water along with a heater core. Then water is pumped through the...
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    Glasses for beer

    As have I, but I still wonder if/what was the purpose of the right one. He was a crotchety OCD German so the shape could have meant something, or it could have been just what he had on hand and never bothered to buy new glasses. He passed about 8 years ago so I can't exactly ask him. He/my wife...
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    Glasses for beer

    Interesting.. so my question is.. what is this glass?(the one on the right, the one on the left is my drinking glass for comparison) They were my wife's grandfather's glasses. Many a bottle of Pottsville Piss Water went into them.
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    First AG attemp... 3 Gal batch?

    Hmm timely topic, I just finished brewing my first AG batch after 3 5 gallon batches about 10 minutes ago. I'm going with the small AG batches right now because I don't have a propane burner or a big enough pot yet. I'm working with a 4 gallon pot and a 3 gallon "bubba keg" mash tun. I'd say go...
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    You might have just burned up/together the "head" and the pump spindle. In a previous life I had some problems with a Danner Mag5 for my computer, I replaced the spindle/magnet assembly all was right with the world again. If I remember right the spindle/magnet assembly was cheap, like $10 for a...
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    Ferment in bottling bucket?

    A couple of good ideas.. I used my bottling bucket to primary a recent batch, then transferred to a carboy to condition, and back to the bucket for bottling. I don't have enough equipment to secondary otherwise. Worked well for me.
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    Calling all 3 Gallon All Grain Recipes

    Good to know I'm not the only one who wants to do small batch AG's on the stove.
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    Should I check gravity today?

    I haven't brewed this recipe before so I can't say for certain, but my impression is yes it's helped lighten the color compared to my previous batches(all 2 of them) in which I did it by the recipe.
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    Should I check gravity today?

    Interesting timing, I JUST finished bottling my brewers best Hefeweizen about 10 minutes ago. One thing to try that helped my color is moving to late extract additions, It drastically improved the color of my hefe, with a 60 minute boil, and only adding 75% of the extract at 45 minutes in, I...
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    Modding a whiseky barrel into a fridge using a thermoelectric cooler

    Looks like a peltier device to me, I'd avoid it. YMMV, no personal experience, etc.
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    Brewery per state statistics

    It's not the quantity, it's the quality here in the south :) Hence the reason I live 10 minutes from foothills brewery :-D
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    Instead of the usual instant read thermometer...

    I've used that company's other products before when I was working for the university's Chem dept. and they're not bad at all. The software could be a little finicky at times but at least the labpro sensors gave accurate, repeatable results. This was about 4 years ago, so I'd assume the software...