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    Motor for HLT stirrer.

    Check out posts 34 and 35 in this thread by The Pol: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f11/new-10-gallon-herms-pics-76773/index4.html I built a HLT stirrer using the same parts and it works great. Hope this helps. Ken
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    My Barley Crusher Arrives Tomorrow!

    I got quick delivery on my Barley Crusher. Money well spent as far as I'm concerned. I love it! I routinely get about 85% efficiency using the factory setting. Good luck with yours! Cheers, Ken
  3. torpshootr

    Cleaning plastic Ale Pail

    I also use bleach to clean my fermentation bucket, but it doesn't competely remove the smell of the beer. I wouldn't worry about it. I've seen no negative effects of the odor. Cheers, Ken
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    I use the 6 gal size Better Bottle. Much lighter than glass and won't shatter if you drop it (been there, done that). Works great for a 5 gal batch of beer. Cheers, Ken
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    Take a look at this rig. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and you'll see that this guy sells the plans. http://www.alenuts.com/brutus.htm Cheers, Ken
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    Beer Tools Pro

    I have and its helped me a lot in figuring out how to use the software, which wasn't always intuitively obvious to me. My opinion of BTP is much higher now that I have a much better idea of its features and how to use them. I hope the amount of info on the wiki keeps growing. There are still...
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    My first dry-hop and uh...what is it doing?

    I've dry hopped about 6 times or so. Initially looks just as you've described. I've always added the hops to the secondary and left it sit for two weeks. By the end of the second week almost all the hops had settled to the bottom. I've had no problems with hop debris in my beer when...
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    1st AG mashing as we speak

    Let us know how it turns out! Cheers, Ken
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    1st step to AG

    I agree with beer4breakfast. My boil kettle has two 1/2 in couplers welded in. One is for a 1/2 in SS ball valve. I use a pickup tube and false bottom on the inside of this coupler. I only use leaf hops so the false bottom works great for me. If you intend to use pellet hops than you'll...
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    Help, no activity in primary!

    This is why I do not like to ferment in buckets - you can't actually see what's going on in there. I have had three different batches that did not pass bubbles through the airlock as it was fermenting. Checked for leaks around the rim of the lid and at the grommet for the airlock - never found...
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    Looking for feedback on IIPA Recipe

    I was hoping that someone would elaborate on aging with oak chips. I hadn't heard of this before. Specifically, Why is it done? How is it done? Thanks, Ken
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    Fermenting too cold?

    You da' man. I am envious.
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    Shaken, not stirred?

    When I was doing extracts, I would heat my water to a boil, then turn off the heat and stir in the extract. Bring back to a boil... no further stirring required. A vigorous boil keeps everything stirring on its own.
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    WOO HOO!! My first AG.

    That's amazing. I have been checking out that very same heat echanger design. I like the idea of it. All of the benefits of a traditional RIMS heater without the fear of scorching wort on the water heater element. This design doesn't look to be too difficult to build as a DIY project, but...