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    McMaster Keg O-Ring List

    Since someone asked in the past and others will come to this thread, I ordered 11mm ID x 3mm silicone o-rings for my pin-lock kegs and they work great. The fit is slightly tighter than the original o-rings. I switch to silicone on some my kegs so I can boil o-rings after having mixed ferment...
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    NorthernBrewer Bourbon Barrel Porter

    I think this kit can be bumped up to 1.075 with additional DME. Go darker and maybe add more dark grains for partial mash.
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    NorthernBrewer Bourbon Barrel Porter

    I brew all grain, but my neighbor gifted me the extract kit of this beer a few years ago and after oaking with kit cubes for 6 days the tannins were overwhelming. Waited 4 months and it was incredible. Decided to make the all grain version in Sept. 2016. Made ten gallons, primaried in glass...
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    Bar Top Keezer Build

    That is a really sweet build. I am impressed with the results with minimal woodworking tools.
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    American IPA Bell's Two Hearted Ale Clone (close as they come)

    I like this beer with wy1968, but I just love that yeast. Doesn't finish as dry as some, but the flavor is great and the beer goes bright in under 2 weeks. I can't stand wy1098(s-04).
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    Crooked stave St. Bretta dregs

    Sounds like pedio. Anyone have any updates on the St. bretta dregs for a brew. I cultured mine last night.
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    Witbier Imperial Belgian Wit

    Not that I am aware. Rice hulls are essential for me. I mill my barley finer than most people in a flour mill and always use rice hulls. (I am king of stuck sparges). I had 8 stuck sparges on a wit once and added an extra hour+ to my brew day.
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    Starting a Sour Solera

    Planning to start a sanke solera in the next few months. I am thinking of primary fermenting in carboys with Melange and then moving to sanke keg. I can see treating the topoff beer the same way. This may help prevent the trub buildup over time. Can the top off batch be a clean fermented...
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    Witbier Imperial Belgian Wit

    Why not just use flaked wheat? Then you can do a straight infusion mash, no need to precook wheat. I actually do a protein rest at 122F and then do boiling water infusion to get to 150F. I have burnt 10lbs of wheat on multiple occasions and just moved to flaked.
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    NorthernBrewer Bourbon Barrel Porter

    I am getting about 46 with Beersmith's 13% chinook and the EKG I have on hand. Probably going to go straight Goldings sub centennial for chinook.
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    NorthernBrewer Bourbon Barrel Porter

    Brewed the extract kit last year and it kicked butt. Got a sack of Maris Otter and trying to do the all grain version. What are the IBU's supposed to be on this kit?
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    Wyeast 5526 - Brett Lambicus

    Still slowly chugging along. I told myself not to take a hydrometer pull again until 6 weeks, but you know how that goes. 1.015 after keeping it at 86 F for last 2 weeks. It is determined to only drop 10 points a week. Thinking about adding a quart(almost a liter) of R.W. Knudsen's Tart...
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    Various questions regarding Rogue ceramic bottles

    Acetone will NOT remove paint from Rogue Ceramic bottles. Any one ever get the paint off these suckers?
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    Wyeast 5526 - Brett Lambicus

    You did the starter at 86 F or you fermented the actual beer at 86 F? Maybe I should ramp the temp up to 86 F. Probably kept that starter going for 16 days total at 85 F. Was that not big enough? I drank the decanted portion of the 800 ml starter and it was super bretty. Tasted more like...
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    Wyeast 5526 - Brett Lambicus

    What temps did you hold it at? 1 week later(3 weeks) it's at 1.034. Kept it 77-81 the past week. I just don't see 85% attenuation happening in another week. Should I have aerated? This is what I expected