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    Helles Bock HBT BJCP comp winning Maibock

    Nice to see people are using this recipe. I think I'm going to brew it again this winter but with a decoction mash and a touch of aroma hops.
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    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    For me it finished at 1.010 and had peerless clarity after 2-3 weeks of lagering. 802 is supposedly the Budvar strain, so very much Czech in origin but you are right it's not the Urquell strain. I've heard several sources say PU use a blend of around 7 strains, one of which is 2001, but in the...
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    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    You too, and that is especially impressive since you are new to lager brewing. I did 10 gallons and fermented half with 2001 and half with 802. I ended up entering the 802, which finished about 3 points higher than the 2001. Outside of being less dry, it also was maltier and had an...
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    Pilsner Urquell Homebrew Contest

    That's me on the right, I took second. I don't post here anymore but friend linked me to this thread and it's cool to read other peoples experiences. This is one of my favorite styles to brew but this is the first time I've brewed any beer specifically for a competition and was very happy...
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    raw wheat

    I'm not talking about protein levels being lowered due to modern growing methods, I'm talking about specific cultivars of wheat. Modern growing methods actually favor higher protein levels as the majority of the wheat grown is for bread and the more gluten the better. Soft wheats and hard...
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    raw wheat

    They will work, but they are tougher to work with, give a lower yield, and are not traditionally what is used. Any raw wheat will require a rigorous mash involving a protein rest such as a turbid or cereal (decoctions are not traditionally used with styles featuring raw wheat), if you aren't...
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    raw wheat

    For a lambic you want soft red wheat, for a wit you want soft white wheat. Hard wheats are not ideal for brewing as they contain far too much protein. Most wheats at the grocery stores will be labeled as such, "raw" sort of goes without saying as you can't find malted wheat anywhere other than...
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    Let's talk minivans

    Yes, but not in 2010, in the early-mid 90s. You could get it with a slushbox too but you would have to be a complete fruitcake to opt for that.
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    kegs, are they really this elusive??

    That is because the deposit on those kegs is not what they are worth, it's just a deposit. When you pay that deposit they are counting on you bringing it back, it's not legally yours and they have really been cracking down on this in the last couple years.
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    flanders red question.

    It's easiest to equate each once with a food, so when you taste that sourness and it reminds you of something you are familiar with you can recognize it. Acetic acid: Vinegar Lactic acid: buttermilk and yogurt Citric acid: lemons and limes Malic acid: Pomegranate and tart apples
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    flanders red question.

    That's true for acetic acid, but I find pitching the blend right at the beginning will increase the total lactic acid in the finished product because it give the lacto a chance to work before the alcohol gets too high for it. If you pitch the blend after sacc has taken the beer to 5% abv or so...
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    flanders red question.

    Roeselare blend from Wyeast has sacc yeast in it, so you can pitch it alone if you are aiming for a higher level of sourness.
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    flanders red question.

    With the method you used I would rack, that's a lot of yeast to be on for the length of aging the style requires. I too prefer to pitch the bugs right off the bat, but I like my sours to be very sour.
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    Need a new TV, dammit...

    I recently got a 40" 1080p Toshiba for $548 at Best Buy, seemed like a good deal to me considering 2 years ago it would have been 3 times that.
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    Netflix Sucks

    Redbox is cool except for the fact that they carry exactly zero of the movies I want to watch. The beauty of Netflix to me is their variety, if it's out on DVD they have it. But it sounds like you watch a lot of cable TV, which is probably about the same amount every month as my Netflix. I don't...