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  1. TommyBoy

    Having trouble.

    I have a Love 16C-3 (relay output) and a Honeywell S87B. I thought I was getting the right SSR but I can not get it to work. When I bridge the input connections on the SSR the burner fires up perfectly so I am guessing it is just the SSR. Can someone throw me a bone here? Thanks.
  2. TommyBoy

    South Carolina Brewtree gravity brew system - Carolinas

    I am selling my 3 tier brewing frame. Built it about 7 years ago and based it off Morebeer.com's brew tree. I believe they sold theirs at $900 for the frame alone but I believe the discontinued it because it is not on their website now. In addition to theirs I have full locking castors, and a...
  3. TommyBoy

    Need help picking steel for a brew rig

    I used 3x2x.083 tubing for my 3 tier. I would recommend you not use less than 1.5x1.5x.065. I plan to build a single level from stainless next spring and will use 2x2x.065. Better safe than sorry when it comes to open flames and boiling liquids.
  4. TommyBoy

    Is this weld too rusty for beer???

    Kinda looks like a weldless fitting. Put some PB Blaster on it and try to break it loose. Then go buy a new one for about $10.
  5. TommyBoy

    Need Help with Natural Gas Line

    Those flexible lines are the way to go if you have the cash. One connection at the beginning and one at the end. No multiple joints. They are more expensive but if you have the cash and means are a good idea. If you have a leak you don't have to go ripping through you walls. With those...
  6. TommyBoy

    How much liquid do you typically lose in the primary?

    When I brew 10 gallons I always try to put close to 11 into the fermenter. I usually end up perfect when filling two 5 gallon cornys at time of kegging. On a rare occasion I will have a little extra in which I bottle a beer or two to savor after I kick the kegs.
  7. TommyBoy

    Who's Gonna Get the latest Utopia?

    The equivalent would be "It's nice to get it once. I bought one a couple years ago. Nice but I do not need to get another.
  8. TommyBoy

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I am 30min into a boil of 10 gallons my Maiden Voyage IPA.
  9. TommyBoy

    Fermenator casters

    I brew in my garage and ferment in my kitchen.
  10. TommyBoy

    RIP Hydrometer #3

    Lost a hydro to a wrench? Lol... Nice. I have had the same one for about 11 years now. I almost just bought a refract. but I have been mentioning it to several family members recently so I might wait to see if I get it as a gift soon. If not I will get one in Jan.
  11. TommyBoy

    Fermenator casters

    Anyone else get the casters for their Fermenator? Mine just came in and I am so pleased that I coughed up the cash for them. It is nice to be able to maneuver the fermenter now.
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    Lt. Dan got new legs!
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