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    I need your vote!

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    How long to boil with Bayou Classic?

    I brewed Saturday and adjusted the air intake which made a huge difference. Thank you all.
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    Tech help: search engine redirect virus

    Install Avast (free) anti-virus and run a full scan as well. You can also try deleting all cookies and temporary internet files.
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    How long to boil with Bayou Classic?

    How do I get "more and bigger fire"?
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    How long to boil with Bayou Classic?

    I bought one new a couple months ago and I am just geting around to using it. I am boiling some water in a new aluminum pot to condition it and it has been on for about an hour with 6 gallons of water in it. It has gotten to the point where there are small bubbles and a couple are going to the...
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    To Build or Buy?

    I made my 50' 3/8" and it is just barely all submerged with a 5 gal batch in my pot. I went from boiling to 80 in about 12 minutes. I move mine around when it gets cool enough to handle. When I do, I notice the outbound pipe gets hot again so I have to let go. I keep repeating until when I...
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    Fermentation temps

    I have been reading the same things on here about having issues getting the temp down. I just brewed on Sunday and planned ahead. Not knowing what a swamp cooler looked like and just reading about them on here, I thought that a storage bin should to the job. I went and bought one and put my...
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    Cool Tap Handles

    Yup...DIY. The surfboard is made out of a 1x8 piece of pine that I cut out and used a rasp to get the lines. The Red Wings one I made out of a stair spindle from HD and another piece of 1x8. You can get really creative....or there are people on here that make more professional ones that...
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    15+ gallon plastic fermenters?

    scary to think what they were "used" for.
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    Hydrometer going all the way to .999 or less

    ...just spent the last 15 minutes tapping the hell out of my hydrometer and got the paper back up to where it was supposed to be. As I did it, I could see a line (of dust or something inside the glass where the paper used to be) Now, the blob of red stuff and BBs are about a half inch off...
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    Hydrometer going all the way to .999 or less

    I think you are right. With tap water, it is even higher off the paper. It tasted good. A little bitter, but it is a green SNPA. Any tricks of the trade to "re-calibrate" my hydrometer...i.e. tap it until the paper is where it reads 1.000 when measuring water???? Thanks, Marc
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    Hydrometer going all the way to .999 or less

    I just came down in the basement to siphon my Midwest Supplies SNPA clone into the keg after 17 days of fermentation. I figured it should be good to go now. I normally wait three weeks for it to ferment before kegging, but I want my weekend to be free to brew another batch. I was going...
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    Sports Bar Table Dispenser

    Just be warned that if you aren't drinking it fast enough, it will get warm.
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    Wedding Beer - Wellerator (themed beer dispenser)

    AWESOME!!! How much time did it take you to paint that? I thought it was real, then I read it.
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    Where to drink in Vegas!

    Isn't it the New York (maybe Mandalay Bay) that has the place upstairs where all of the taps are coming out of a block of ice? I don't know the name of the place. Here are a few other's that seem to work...