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    Mold on silicon hose

    Good day, Its been a while since I brewed and just broke out the gear so I could start back up again. I found some white mold spores on some silicone tubing that I use on my pump. I'm curious as to the best way to clean this so the mold is gone? I'm assuming a bleach bath as well as a...
  2. tlazaroff

    Difficulty hitting the right mash temp.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Brewday is over, and i have been doing some calculations based on other batches too and it looks like I loose about 10 degrees at strike temp, so I'll just go with that. :)
  3. tlazaroff

    Difficulty hitting the right mash temp.

    Good day, I have had a recent problem with hitting my mash temp correctly, it's always too high. Here is my process. -I use a converted cooler as a mash tun. -I heat up my mash water to a boil and pour my mash water into the cooler. I let it sit closed for about 15 minutes to stabilize and...
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    Shark Pants / Live a Rich Life

    Anyone have a Shark Pants / Live a Rich Life clone recipe?
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    Dip tube on Blichmann Boilermaker not working correctly?

    That would explain it then, I didn't have a hose attached because I was just cleaning it with PBW and testing for leaks. Thanks for the reply, I can't believe I didn't think of that!
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    Dip tube on Blichmann Boilermaker not working correctly?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Blichmann Boilermaker to replace my old kettle. I installed the brewmometer, filled it with water to check for leaks, and drained it. Once the water level fell below the valve, it didn't seem like the dip tube was picking up any more liquid.. at least not very...
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    Boilermaker False BHiottom question.

    Hi! I've been brewing all-grain for about two years now, and have just ordered my first Boilermaker Kettle for boiling. I still plan on using a converted cooler for my mash tun, thus I didn't order the false bottom with the kettle. My question is thus, Will the false bottom be effective for...
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    Is this White Stuff normal?

    Took this photo before I left for work this morning. This is about 12 hours after pitching yeast (wlp029) and I noticed this white stuff in the kreusen, never seen it before though. Think I have an infection?
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    Gravity-fed Plate Chiller question.

    Hi all, I am using a new plate chiller (which I have no experience with) for the first time today and ran into a problem. I think I know the answer to my problem, though, I figured I'd ask anyway. I do not have a pump. When it was time to chill the wort, and everything was connected, I...
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    Hop Spider!!

    Question, When using brewing software like BeerAlchemy, BeerSmith, etc., how would you enter the format of hops when using the Hop Spider? Bagged or Loose? My instinct is to enter them as bagged hops, but they have plenty of room of float around freely in the boiling wort when using the Hop...
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    Cream Ale Recipe, advice requested.

    Great, I think I might give this a try.
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    Cream Ale Recipe, advice requested.

    Hi all, I'm going to be entering a homebrew contest (my first) this spring and want a critique on this recipe. I make some mean IPAs, but I figure that most of their entries will be IPAs, so that's out. I wanted to do something that they won't get much of, and I thought Cream Ale was...
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    Whirlpool, worth it?

    Is there a difference between a Flame Out and Whirlpool addition of hops? Besides stirring the wort, it's basically the same, no?
  14. tlazaroff

    Whirlpool, worth it?

    Hi all. My question is in regards to utilizing a whirlpool. I never have. I just accepted any hop particles into the fermenter, as well as hot break material, etc and RDWHAHB'ed it up. I have never had a problem with the final product, my beer has always good. I have found that any break/hop...
  15. tlazaroff

    where to get camlock QD's other than bargain fittings?

    You must have gotten the last of these from Brewer's Hardware, everybody is out now :( They say Jan 24th is a restock date.