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    Skimming kraeusen from a lager

    ok...well that might be the case then. I was reading the portion on "Late Kraeusen" on page 184. But what you're saying makes sense. As you said he may have been referring to open fermentation.
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    Skimming kraeusen from a lager

    I'm reading Gregory Noonan's book, "New Brewing Lager Beer"... In it he advises than the kraeusen should be skimmed after high kraeusen to prevent it from settleing back into the beer, which could impart a "harshness" to the finished beer. I have not heard much about this technique/philosophy...
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    Dry yeast for Saison?

    sorry to hear about your son-in-law...hope he's ok.
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    Dry yeast for Saison?

    what did you end up doing with regard to the 2 yeast strains? Did you use them both?
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    Adding 5 Star 5.2 to mash

    I'l be brewing on Saturday and will be using 5 Star 5.2 for the first time. I understand that I am to add it after dough-in, but I have questions related to how much to use and how to add it. 1.) One tablespoon per 5 gallons... Is that 5 gallons of mash or 5 gallons of target post boil...
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    How fast should I run my stir plate?

    Working with my starter and am about to run my stir plate for the first time. What are the visible signs I should be looking for to indicate to me that I am running it at the right speed? Thanks in advance...
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    1 gallon starter question

    If I want a to make a gallon starter, should I make a quart of starter wort and pitch the yeast from the smack pack first and then every so often add another quart until I reach a total volume of 1 gallon, or can I just make up a starter wort of 1 gallon right off the bat and then pitch the...
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    How much O2 do I put in my wort before adding yeast?

    I picked up a bottle of O2 from the local gas supply company. If I use it to put O2 into the wort, how much is enough? Do I add for a certain amount of time, or is there just an art to it? Any thoughts?
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    Ideal ambient temp for lager fermentation temp?

    I'm brewing a lager that I will want to ferment in the 46-58 degree range. In order to have fermentation occur, at what degree should the ambient temp be? Or more precisely, how many degrees will fermentation occur beyond that of the ambient room temperature? I have a freezer rigged with a...