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    Is Stella Artois crap to anyone else?

    LOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah it's crap to me too!!
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    stuck belgian golden strong

    What was your O.G.??
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    Bottle condition a very high ABV Tripel with Lalvin K1-V116?

    I here ya there! have you tried 1 cup yourself?? john palmer recommends 2/3 cup sugar how often do we make exactly 5 gallons?? I have over 12 cases of beer in my house some over a year old using 1 cup cane sugar without a hitch~
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    Belgian Yeast Suggestion

    I would use some safbrew S-33.I have used this many times around 79 to 82 degree F see spec sheet:
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    Bottle condition a very high ABV Tripel with Lalvin K1-V116?

    Try 1 cup cane sugar,2 cups water boil for ten min. and bottle.I have made several beers within your range with this method.make sure though when you siphon to suck up some of that good yeast from the ferm bottom.
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    Snpa ???

    Have not seen this one.Thanks for the link. I will let u know how it comes out.
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    Snpa ???

    Yes i would like that recipe thanks!
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    Chloramine in water

    Buy you a AQUASANA water filter removes chloramines.
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    Snpa ???

    I wish i wish somebody will give up the secret?? lolol
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    Snpa ???

    No there is something missing that only the brewmaster of sn knows?
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    Snpa ???

    What an i missing???????? I have tried almost every all grain recipe for snpa clone some are close but not quite there! I can not put my finger on it maybe a fourth hop addition any ideas?
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    Kits, Ingredients Shelf Life

    From the looks of what your have in primary 1,2,3 i do not think they will last a month.You will probadly brew it all in a matter of days.:mug:
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    Noob question on yeast saving/washing
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    RJS Sicilian syrah

    For the money we spent on the kit you would think the directions would be 1st class.The rjs kit was reccomended but i my try a different brand next time.
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    RJS Sicilian syrah

    This is my first try @ maiking wine.I just opened the box and read through the instructions.Nothing is said about the two hugarian oak sticks anywhere. I assume that they get added to the primary with the oak chips?