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    Don't put a couch on your porch in Boulder

    In Kansas "Pedestrians crossing the highways at night must wear tail lights."
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    Just how bad is LME?

    What YooperBrew said!!!
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    How can I leave beer on the yeast?

    I tend to go 4-6 weeks on most of mine. I think that you will be fine. What style/recipe are you brewing?
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    Beginer's Question...

    The Mox, Read thru this thread. It will give you some valuable insight. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/fermentation-can-take-24-72-hrs-start-43635/
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    Who Has The Best Recipe Kits?

    While I have never been disappointed with any kits I have used, I do like Austin Homebrew best. They seem fresher and better tasting. Just my .02. YMMV.
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    Deer Season 2009

    Thanks for posting that Ashz. I got a good laugh out of that.
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    I add yeast to my cooled wort and shake the crap out of it. Is that wrong?

    Not that is really matters, but I oxygenate before I add the yeast. The yeast doesn't have to be mixed as it knows what to do. I do tend to give the yeast a stir after adding, but I don't think that it is necessary.
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    Partial Carbonation Problem:

    I would give them a week or two more. Remember that 3 weeks is the minimum amout of time. There are many varibales. Knowing your SG and FG would also help as bigger beers take more time to carb/condition in the bottle. Each bottle is undergoing a mini fermention, and will vary from one another.
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    Atomic Buffalo Turds

    Yep, I make some of these almost every time the smoker get fired up!. They are like crack for BBQ.
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    quick question about notty

    LOL. Yea it does make seem more like a science project with the blow off tube bubbling in a jar of water. I remember my first batch with a blow off tube. It was in winter and I had in my gettolious cardboard fish box temp control chamber in the basement. The SWMBO said that it sound like it was...
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    BeerSmith Issue: Preview Brew Sheet

    I am not at a computer with Beersmith installed, but IIRC isn't there a close button similar to a close button on MS word print preview?
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    quick question about notty

    Like most of the previous posters I use a blow off tube everytime for the first few days. Just some piece of mind for me.
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    Bottling with growlers

    To answer that question we need to know how long you have had it in secondary first. I usually don't secondary and go 4-6 weeks in primary.
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    Smoking for noobs

    Mike, When I smoke butts I plan for 1.5 hour per lb of trimmed meat. I base donesness off of internal temps. I like 195 for pulled pork. Someone here gave this site and it has been invaluable to me. I too am new to the smoking world. The Smoke Ring :: Index Good Luck!