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    Man Vs wild

    No no no...what about...what about..."vihtamins"? Soooooo fricking annoying.
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    Cat owners. Let's talk litter boxes.

    Forgive me for thinking outside "the box" but have you thought about trying to toilet train your cat? Seriously. The only reason we havent tried is bc our litter box doesnt bother us and we are lazy.
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    Sick and Tired of being sick and tired.

    I feel for ya man. Im dreading those days which will be soon for me. I have an idea but unfortunately it isnt legal. Ive *heard* that marijuana is a GREAT stress reliever. Ive *heard* that if you indulge in one or two tokes of indica at night before bed you will sleep like a baby and wake up...
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    Gravity on my porter after 7 days

    is 1.020. The OG was 1.054. Its either stopped bubbling or its so slow that I dont notice it. Should I go ahead and rack to secondary or let it sit more? I dunno, 1.020 seems kinda heavy. Thats not even 5%. I was hoping it would be more. It was a very aggressive fermentation. You might...
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    Finally finished my bottle of Glennlivet. Headed to the package store today to get another bottle. Wanna try something else. Ive called every store around looking for Isle of Jura and everyone is out. ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!! Anyone wanna recommend something else? Im thinking the Mcallan 15 yr...
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    Hmm, that's weird. You follow up "YOU lose a lot of taste..." with "Danny, its all about PERSONAL taste". Interesting. Tastes just fine to me with the rocks, so long as I dont wait too long to finish it. Its my hard earned money, I ought to be able to water the plants with it if I want. :D
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    I found that starting out on the rocks helps smooth out the rough edges until you get drunk enough not to care, then you go neat :D :drunk:
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    Bout to pour my second Glenny of the evening. Brain is starting to get a bit warm :drunk:
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    Im getting into Scotch. Almost finished with my first ever bottle. 12 yr Glenlevit. A friend of mine recommended the Isle of Jura as well. How much does a bottle of that stuff run? I might try it next.
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    Bulletproof DWI Stud Lawyer ends up in Jail

    Probably a good thing that he's defense council and not a prosecutor, otherwise its doubtful the next 90 days would be much fun for him.
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    150-pound cougar shot dead on Chicago's North Side

    I wonder what caliber they used? Did they use their service pistols, prolly 9mm or .40 cal? Or did they break out the 5.56mm? How many shots did it take? Im tryin to determine how effective standard auto pistols are at woods protection, namely black bears and mountain lions. Its not...
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    Pets...And Why We Love Them (Pay Homage Here)

    My good buddie, Bailey. Three year old black lab. We rescued him when he was two. I couldnt be happier with this dog. He is absolutely FETCH CRAZY. He will chase anything, anytime, with anyone, and return it PROMPTLY. Here we are playing fetch last spring.
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    UK wants to increase beer & booze prices (TAX IT MORE)

    Just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling all over.