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    How old are you? How long have you been brewing?

    I'm 25 and been brewing for 9 years including 4 year and 1 year hiatuses (hiatii?)
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    UV sanitation

    Aye, UV is more energetic than visible light and can bum out DNA, hence skin cancer.
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    Dry hopping an English IPA

    EKG is great for dry hopping, lovely aroma.
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    Do I need to hydrate Nottingham?

    I've only ever pitched it dry, and it's only ever worked. Can't tell you anything more in depth than that if you want it though!
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    Help: How to prime English Bitter

    They rely on the carbon dioxide in the ullage ("empty" bit) to push the beer out. As more beer comes out, the volume of that space increases and so the pressure of the gas decreases, until it reaches atmospheric pressure, at which point the beer stops flowing, and air will bubble up through the...
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    Help: How to prime English Bitter

    Yes, personally I would keg it now, I tend to follow the 1-2-3 rule for anything not too strong (1 week in primary, 2 in secondary, 3 conditioning) as it's pretty simple and keeps the old brewing calendar pretty transparent. If it's a 3kg kit, and you're dry hopping, it should taste more than...
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    Help: How to prime English Bitter

    I've got three of those barrels, one is still fine, but two sprung a leak after being overprimed, so I'm careful with the last one! Fine for starting off with though. I recently got a king keg and a rotokeg off ebay for around £30 each, still not cheap, but reasonable value. If by creaminess...
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    Help: How to prime English Bitter

    Hi from a fellow brit! I've used both sugar and dry malt extract to prime these plastic barrels, both are good. Is yours moulded like a fake wooden barrel, or does it have smooth sides? If it looks like this: then be careful not to use too much sugar as they have been known to crack under too...
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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    Theoretical Physics student - it's like Physics without getting your hands dirty in the lab! So I make up for it with brewing. I love to cook too.
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    Bag of mixed old hops

    Erm, does skunk mean the same thing over there as it does over here? I know there are a couple of books on that sort of thing, but of course I wouldn't know anything about it...
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    You're Screwed

    Oh well, at least we get to screw up on organising the Olympics first! +1 on teh end of teh worlde beer!
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    To soon to bottle my hophead ipa?

    I wouldn't want to leave it for too long on top of hops, but there again, you don't want exploding bottles... How long was it in primary for? EDIT: 1.014 sounds quite reasonable for something that started off that high, but I'd imagine it'd have quite a bit of secondary fermentation to do
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    When did you realize, yeah, this is the hobby for you?

    When I first shared it! My dad, cousin and I did a kit from Boots (high street chemist) quite a while ago whilst we were doing up his house. It was lager from a tin, we used sugar (1.5x the recommended amount for some kick) and it was foul! We were too impatient to let it finish so after a...
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    What should wort look like after boiling?

    Basically, you find out what it reads for two temperatures you're sure about (such as boiling water and ice water - water on transition between states). Water doesn't like to exist at temperatures above its boiling point unless under pressure. So if you have a thermometer at 215 F at sea level...
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    What should wort look like after boiling?

    That implies a calibration issue with your thermometer, as any impurities tend to lower the boiling temperature.