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    Hot south texas brewing...

    I use a mini fridge with an external thermostat and I have very tight control over my ferm temps. I ruined one batch when my ferm got up to 80 degrees and have been using the fridge/thermostat combo ever since.
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    Mash Paddle Giveaway

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    Wife got mad.. did I do the right thing!?

    You did what you had to do, you got your friend out of a bad situation, but you never turn your back on an aggressor. Never. Good job getting your friends back.
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    Must buy kegs...

    I'm still on the fence, I want to keg but I really do like having the bottles.
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    NEED OPINIONS! Which one should I keg and bottle?

    I'd bottle the Stout, gives you the option of letting some age much longer.
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    Must buy kegs...

    I don't love bottling but I do love the end result, my beer bottled with my labels. I really like to give my beer away and the label definitely adds a professional look and people do enjoy that aspect. BUT I so want to keg! So how do you give away beer when you keg it? Can you fill bottles...
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    The ghost chile.

    And if you eat enough of it, your "anal lips" will feel like you rubbed Icy Hot on it in copious amounts. That's enough for me. LMAO.
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    oxy clean concentration?

    I use 1 tbsp per gallon just because that's what I always use for One Step. Seems fine.
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    Can you help me choose a smoker?

    I'd get a BGE too for grilling if I could justify it (I think it's like $900), but I'd still use my WSM for smoking. I prefer the water method.
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    Can you help me choose a smoker?

    Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. The best. I have the 18" but there is a 22" available. It's well made and holds temp beautifully. My first smoker was a cheap POS and it worked but controlling temp was very difficult.
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    Why I Went Back to Extract This Summer

    I went AG a few months ago and I love the process BUT I will definitely be brewing PM's and extracts. It's so hard to get the time for the AG as often as I want to brew. I can brew a PM or extract any night of the week, but for AG I have to plan it with SWMBO!
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    Dry hopping a kit...good idea?

    Do it. You will be happy you did.
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    Karankawa Pale Ale

    I'm brewing this again on Friday, moving some the Sorachi also. 1/4oz to 15 min and 1/4 oz to 5 min. I'm doing AG, full boil so I still end up at 43 IBU with the move. Then the Amarillo/Citra dry hop as my twist on it.
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    How much Oxyclean?

    I use more like 1 tbsp per gallon. I figured it would be the same as One Step as they are essentially the same.