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    Discussion: I'm burning out on beers > 1.065 SG

    I personally don't make high-ABV brews on a regular basis. Here's what's brewing and either actual or anticipated ABV's: ESB: 5.9% Brett Saison(s): 8.0% (the outlier here) Pale Ale: 5.2% Apollo-Bravo IPA: 6.9% I much prefer brewing stuff I can enjoy a few of before being plastered...
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    Go for it! It's what I did, and I'm very pleased. I ended going for more tropical fruits (strawberry, mango, kiwi, and papaya). It's fermenting now. It tastes like fruit juice right now. A hint, do not add the fruit to the boil. I had the WORST clog ever in my ball valves because of the mango...
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    Make up a well-oxygenated starter of something like WLP090 San Diego Super or WLP099 High Gravity Ale, and pitch it at high krausen. That should help it. With a high gravity ale like this, you're already at 9% ABV, on the top end of most yeast's tolerance levels. The two I mentioned above should...
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    I did the first half of the brew day on this today. I kind of like splitting up a brew day! A very simple mash, 5lbs each of Breiss Pilsner and White Wheat malts, 1.5qts/lb, and a fly sparge to collect 6 gallons. Calculated my mash for 152, hit 151 and finished at 149. Didn't bother doing a...
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    Right, I'm aware of that technique. Problem is that I'm only trying to keep about 600ml of culture warm, not 6 gallons... Thanks for the input! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Corn Sugar in IIPA

    You could add corn sugar to the mash, but I suspect the only reason they want you to do that is to keep your gravity numbers correct throughout the whole process. However, if you concern yourself with ensuring that your runnings don't drop below 1.015 and then take a preboil gravity reading WITH...
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    Does anyone have experience with modifying heating pads? I have one hooked up to my STC-1000 to try and keep the temp at 110F for my Lacto culture but I'm not having any luck because the 1-hour auto shutoff is keeping the STC-1000 from being about to control the temp right. I want to either...
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    Oh that's an excellent thought. This months BYO has a large section on sours and syrups so that's perfect timing! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Loquat Florida Weisse

    Greetings! I was in my backyard the other day and I noticed that my neighbor has a 50' tall tree full of these little fruits. I used to think they were kumquats but I recently found out that they are Loquats, also known as Chinese pears. I picked a few and found out that they are delicious...
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    Pump Cavitation - Excessive Foaming

    Greetings, I recently bought a Steelhead Pump from Northern Brewer and I've definitely noticed that my brew day is 100x easier now. Very little lifting now, I'm pretty happy. However, I have noticed some excessive foaming issues and difficulty priming the pump. What I've been doing, as...
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    3 in 1: Yeast comparison, quick lager method, and R&D

    Broken link Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Brewing Today: It's All A SCAM Double IPA

    It's time to make a big beer for Tax Day and the horrors that come with it. It's all a scam anyways, right? The original recipe was simply Apollo to bitter, then Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo, and Mosaic for flavor and aroma. Then I was digging through my freezer and found an ounce of Columbus I...
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    I look forward to trying it and meeting you! I'll probably be wearing my "Add More Hops" shirt from FermentedTees. (shameless plug: it's an excellent shirt and I highly recommend them!) Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    A Tribute to Hunahpu

    I'll be there. I'll be serving homebrew in the morning with PUBGuild and then working the Tampa Bay Beer Week tent from 2p-6p. Come say hi! I'm the big guy with the barely-there goatee! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Share us your DUMBEST brewing experience...

    Hmm, mine would probably be similar. I had just bought the grains at the LHBS and I hefted the bag on to my shoulder to carry it out. Well, that worked out until the bag fell and about 60% of the grains went all over the floor. No worries though, we just swept it up, put it back in the bag, and...