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    Agave Wheat Ale?

    Have you brewed it yet @Chabutna? How did it turn out? I'm looking to try it myself, but I think I'll attempt to add the cascade and Willamette, too. Also, do you think I should wait for the wort temp to get down do pitching temperature like when we add other fruit?
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    Careers in brewing

    I'm really curious about this, too. I found an article that talks about it, but I would really like to learn more. I love to homebrew and if I got paid for it, I would love it even more. But is professional brewing really as glamorous as I think it is? Also, as a followup question, are...
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    Apple Cherry Graff

    I'm trying a version of Apple-Cherry Graff that sits at the same OG. It's 1 Gal "wort" 3 Gal apple juice (Tree-top from costco, Vit C added), 1 gallon cherry juice from the farmer's market and 2 oz liberty hops. How much cherry flavor seeps through on yours? Was it really only 14 days until you...