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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    I'm leaning towards the Sanyo 4912 with a twin faucet tower. I definitely want to be able to have two brews at a time going.
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    nOOb dumb kegging question #2.

    I hear people refer to "chest freezers". You really want a chest "REFRIGERATOR", right, not a "FREEZER"? :confused:
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    nOOb dumb kegging question #1.

    Do I have to keep the beer in the corny keg cold immediately, or can it be stored at room temperature until it is ready to go into the kegerator?
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    at this point. As for budget, if I could do something for less than $500.00, that would probably be ideal.
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    to have to carbonate my beer prior to kegging. I would like to have two taps. Now I'm getting picky, huh?
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    What is the absolute cheapest set up to get into kegging?
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    Just ordered me a piggie!

    so that the carbonation pouch is not needed?
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    Powdery substance on bottlecaps

    I bottled my Barleywine this weekend. I had a handful of bottle caps that I had left in some StarSan in a bowl. The starsan had turned cloudy, so I removed the bottle caps and rinsed them in a Mason Jar with scalding hot water from my "always hot" tap. I then put them in another clean bowl...
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    Another Brain Buster...

    of honey makes a difference? There are a number of high quality, "boutique" honey's out there....
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    Beer Styles & Flavors

    styles is a great question. Those on this site should have a more informed opinion than your typical Coors Light drinker (or at least we would like to think that - no offense to Coors Light Drinkers). There are a ton of beers out there. I say find a local grocery store that has a bunch of...
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    Help me decide on what to brew next!

    Northern Brewers British Bitter. Very nice. Smooth. Not overly hoppy.
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    Okay, It's been 68 hours....

    within hours following my pitching of the dry yeast.
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    Okay, It's been 68 hours....

    no signs of fermentation. Wheat beer. 6.6 lbs Coopers Wheat LME, 1 oz bittering hops, 1 oz finishing hops 1/3 oz irish moss. Wyeast 3068. I think I got a bad batch of yeast. Temps were correct at pitching.
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    If overpitching is rarely a problem, but underpitching is a common problem, and using two vials of yeast is not a problem, then... The only reason not to pitch two vials of yeast would be the cost? ($5-8 per 5 gallons?). That seems like a small price to pay for improved beer.
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    Starter Vessel?

    Don't you need an airlock or some type of blow-off?