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    Adding coffee to beer idea

    I haven't used Starbucks, but I used one from Trader Joe's a couple of years ago. I was getting ready to package a batch of porter and, on an impulse, I added the bottled cold brew. It was excellent.
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    Prairie Pirate Noir?

    No, I've been distracted. Bottled a bunch of sours that i had going, and started two solera projects. I think I'm going to toss some oak cubes in some good rum but put off the brew until the end of the summer. It should be a good project to get ready for around Halloween.
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    Consecration kit from MoreBeer

    Getting ready to brew this again but, this time, I might go for all Brett primary fermentation. I'm about to rack a beer off ECY's Dirty Dozen, and i might put this right in on the yeast cake. Add bugs later.
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    Consecration kit from MoreBeer

    Anybody know if MoreBeer is still making the kit? I never got one, but I'd be up for it if it meant getting some Vinnie barrel fragments. I've been brewing a version of this for about three years now, I keep the grain bill generally the same, and reuse the same old yeast cake while adding new...
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    flanders red ale questions

    Glad everything turned out well. My recommendation would be to use a bottling bucket in the future for bottling sours as well as for your clean beer. I brew a fair amount of sours and it was worth the investment to have another one around.
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    Salty Liquorice Porter

    Sounds like things turned out very nicely. I had a gose with licorice at Warpigs in Copenhagen last summer and I've been thinking about trying to recreate it. Hearing that this worked out well, I think I'll give it a shot.
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    Prairie Pirate Noir?

    I haven't done anything yet--have a couple of brews to clear out before I get to it. It would be nice to hear from somebody who has made something similar.
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    Melange blend review?

    Did you use Melange on its own, or did you pair it with a neutral sacc?
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    "It's a proprietary hop blend"

    For me, this captures the takeaway from the whole thread. Anybody who is opening a bar, restaurant, or brewery today is flirting with disaster. There are so many things that can go wrong and competition is so stiff that you had better be on your game all the time. Regardless of whether you're a...
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    Danish Hvidtøl?

    Thanks guys--I appreciate it. I think I'll give one of the recipes that Hujo posted in the earlier thread a try: I may or may not put the lakrids (licorice) in. I had a great Mikkeler gose this summer that had licorice in...
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    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    Any thoughts on how much coffee would be needed to replace both additions with cold brewed coffee? I usually use a Toddy cold brew system--I think it's a pound of beans steeped overnight in 48 oz of cold water.
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    Danish Hvidtøl?

    Anybody have a recipe for hvidtøl?
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    Prairie Pirate Noir?

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    Prairie Pirate Noir?

    I just had a chance to try Prairie Artisan Ale's Pirate Noir the other day. It's an imperial oatmeal stout aged in rum barrels. I think I'll just take a shot at a high gravity oatmeal stout and add some oak cubes soaked in rum. Anybody have any special insights into Prairie's recipe?
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    Tart of Darkness

    Twice I've decided to dump a yeast cake when my sour was complete, only to change my mind at the last minute. Both times, I've rushed out and grabbed enough extract to cobble together a partial mash brew with what I had left around the house. In both cases, I made something a little different--I...