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    Double IPA Pliny the Elder Clone

    As far as i know it got it's reputation like 10 years ago, other breweries had enough time to copy it and then better it.
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Did a "NEIPA" with US05. RO water with 2:1 Cl:SO4 Fermented in a keg, after 4 days i added a spunding valve then after 10 days i put it in the kegerator and carbed it with it's own CO2 and used the remaining 10-15psi pressure to tap it so i am quite sure it did not get oxidized. I serve from the...
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    A problem with kegging, returning problem that is.

    Have you tried throwing away the first pint then tasting again? Do you have silicone (silicone lets in 10x or 100x times more oxygen than most other plastics) or other cheap tubing?
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Just did a NEIPA with 80% pale ale, 20% old DME, mashed really high and for 30 mins only, Burton Union + US05 yeast, OG: 1.072 and 25IBU in the boil and 15IBU in whirlpool. (calculated by Brewers Friend) Now the beer ended at 1.024(!) and it is the best IPA i ever did. (it is hazy and high Cl...
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    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    How is keg natural carbing different from bottling?
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    First Experience in LoDO BIAB

    Now that i see that all of the LODO masters are in this thread i have to ask something: - Should i still try LODO methods with old premilled grains? Or did i already oxidized them so it would be useless to limit oxygen exposure? (currently they are like 3 months old) - Can hot-side LODO...
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    Pressurized Closed Loop Corny Keg Fermenting

    I think the only time this stuff matters is long term storage (fermentation, serving) and probably the small contact area of o-rings with air makes diffusion a non-issue but i have heard about people getting consistently oxidized beer in their tap lines so maybe we should avoid silicon tubes for...
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    Pressurized Closed Loop Corny Keg Fermenting

    Anything else, there is a thread here about o-rings (McMaster Keg O-Ring List) they mention Buna-N (nitrile rubber), my tubes are John Guest LLDPE tubes and something called Lupulus II which is for beer tap systems, made of nylon. Some sources about silicone having the biggest O2...
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    Pressurized Closed Loop Corny Keg Fermenting

    If someone googles for "oxygen permeability of plastics" or similar search terms you will quickly find that silicone has biggest oxygen uptake (it is pretty much breathing) so i'd suggest retiring our silicone keg o-rings and tubing for maximum LODO effect.
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    Cannot overcome my Hazy IPA oxidation problem!!

    Can you bottle carb without headspace?
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    Cannot overcome my Hazy IPA oxidation problem!!

    Have anybody tried adding antioxidants (SMB, ascorbic acid etc.) at bottling time?
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    IPA bitterness help

    Maybe the hopshots help to keep the astringent, "painful" bitterness down.
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    RIS in primary for 1 year ... Bad?

    Once i tasted a pale ale which spent ~13 months in primary bucket, no autolisis flavors but it was already raisiny/sherry like which shows oxidation. It actually tasted good because the original body was very thin so it got some of those crystal malt flavours.
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    IPA bitterness help

    I don't think it is simply the problem of adding too much hops. I mean i could brew 50IBU high residual sugar beers tasting more bitter than commercial theoretical 100+ and 200+ IBU beers. I think it is water related since my water is really high alkalinity (300ish) and i can set the mash ph...
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    Unfermented beer for truly zero alcohol content?

    We have these random road inspections where everybody gets tested. Also if i do something minor/harmless driving mistake and the police notices it i will get an instant alcohol test. Even minor stuff can turn into jail time then.