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    10% off BottleMark Custom Caps 2014

    Love my BottleMark caps... must order more... I need to have the discount code... please.
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    Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle

    It turns out that this product requires some modification to fit on a keggle, it is designed for a narrow walled vessel. My quick solution worked, so I didn't go to the trouble of proceeding with this incredible looking sparge arm. My quick solution was to grab a Cuisinart Steamer Pot insert...
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    Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle

    Has anyone tried to mount a More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle? I'm concerned that it is designed to only fit over the narrow wall of a standard pot. MoreBeer advises me that "The sparge arm may fit around the neck of the keggle, but it depends on how wide a hole you cut on the top of...
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    Plan It for the Granite - Toronto, Canada

    If you're not busy on April 22nd, make sure you come to the Granite Brewery to learn about the SOBs new contest. SOB Competitions Director and BJCP judge Roger Beal and I are still working out the contest details, but we wanted to get the invite out to ensure a good crowd... (to repeat, there...
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    Toronto, ON Homebrew Meetup

    If you're in Toronto, you should participate in the local homebrewing community, consider yourself an SOB. Most of the info can be found here... Cheers
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    old wine barrels

    They're five year old barrels: NOT empty for five years.
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    old wine barrels

    Thanks for the tips. I am carefully reading Wild Brews, perhaps too carefully too slowly. I'm only on page 162, just a few pages shy of the chapter on barrels, although it's not called that in the index, so I guess that's why I asked. jessup > thx for the links, I also found the mad...
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    old wine barrels

    I've managed to grab several old (5-7yrs) oak barrels from a fellow who was pretty serious about making his own wine at home. They seem to all be about 10 gallons, American Oak, although one is just a bit larger, and is French. I've rinsed and somewhat cleaned out one of them, and now, a...
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    New CO2 tank reading nearly empty

    Yes. That gauge is meaningless when the tank is cold. Cheers
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    Using a Labatt Keg for homebrewing.

    That is NICE work buddy! :ban::ban:
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    WANTED: 10 Gallon Corny Keg

    Well, you could have sent ME a PM with your email address....
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    WANTED: 10 Gallon Corny Keg

    Well... the secret message says 1. Half-wheel-hell has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space. *sigh*
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    Keg Parts For sale -Canada-

    It's possible we're both wrong. They at least appear to need a gasket on top, like the part I illustrated, but from your pic they don't seem to have internal threads... Looks like your big score is paying off for you. Cheers
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    Keg Parts For sale -Canada-

    I think you'll find those "corny post seats" are pretty much useless without the gasket that sits on the top. The part is shown here.
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    TORONTO, Canada Nov 7th - Teach a Friend to Homebrew

    Teach a Friend to Homebrew November 7th is "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day". The SOBs are planning a public Big Brew at the Amsterdam Brewing Company in downtown Toronto. We have determined that there is space for about 12-15 "Are you an SOB?" homebrewers. We're hoping that everyone...