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    Hop Substitution?

    :mug: Many thanks for the responses! I also had wondered about Fuggles being mixed with something to create the "blend" as it was called. Too many miles and too many beers back to remember clearly, huh? I think I'm going for the Fuggles to bitter this batch. I'll most likely use...
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    Hop Substitution?

    Many thanks folks for the responses. The British Blend hops were a combination (as the name suggests...) of two different strains around 15 years ago. It should have been the portent of things to come since a lot of the "old" hops seem to no longer be available. Again, many thanks "Fishin'...
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    Hop Substitution?

    I'm new here, but not a "newb" to brewing. That having been said, I find what topics run through this board as refreshing seeing new trends and ideas. Admittedly I am "old school" and was taught to brew full mash-style from my first batch. The question for advice I would pose here is to...