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    Please critique my Fair Crack recipe

    I second adding the raspberries after fermentation is complete, or close to the end to get more flavor from them. have you thought of using an english strain for the yeast? Maybe to add to the biscuit/toasted flavor? just a thought, 05 or Notty are solid and should also work very well.
  2. TechyDork

    Manifold question

    does it have check valves built into it? If so were you blowing on the valve that would go out to the keg or the valve coming in from the tank? Check valves would close if you tried to blow air through the valve that feeds the keg.
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    Yeah he is 1/2 lab, 1/4 German Shep,1/4 Maremma We do keep a very close eye on his diet and he does get daily walks along with several runs a week and hiking most weekends. We are trying to limit the lengths of his runs right now to a mile or two until he is a bit older. We were advised by...
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    Bridger has grown quite a bit, now 95 lbs and just under 1.5yr. He is like a shadow to our kids and when he isn't next to them he always knows where they are. He has also become a great brew buddy. this post shows him a few weeks before we picked him up...
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    Inkbird Father Day Giveaway

    In please!!
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    Final beer pH?

    Nope. ;) Sorry, had to. Would you care to elaborate on your question?
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    Don't laugh (ok you can)

    Try leaving them in the primary for 2 weeks and then checking the gravity. If you are at your final gravity after checking over a couple of days then rack to your keg and hit it with CO2. I find that most of my beers are decent after 1 week in the keg, better after 2 weeks and then right where...
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    Common taste in most of my Homebrews

    Are you hitting your anticipated final gravity on these brews? Are these recipes that you have created yourself? If so do they have a large amount of Crystal or other specialty malts? It could be that the same taste is there in the IPAs, but the bitterness is enough to counteract the sweet...
  9. TechyDork

    Show us your Kegerator

    Sorry should have been a bit clearer with my questions. I was wondering if you built the tower or bought it, but mostly was wondering if you had to use a special adapter to mount the taps in the pipe. Sounds like it is all off the shelf parts. There is a guy on Etsy that is making these...
  10. TechyDork

    Show us your Kegerator

    did you get it from the guy on Etsy, or find it somewhere else?
  11. TechyDork

    AG version of extract needs help

    I agree that we do tend to overthink things when it comes to this hobby, at least i know it do. I think we are going to try and use a UK malt for the base, and maybe a darker crystal to see if that gets us closer to what we want. I also agree that it may not be possible to exactly...
  12. TechyDork

    Show us your Kegerator

    Awesome looking keezer! Did you build your 4 tap tower, or buy that? If you built it did you drill out the pipe caps to allow for the faucet shanks or buy those? I am looking to do something very similar for my new keezer.
  13. TechyDork

    6 Beginner Beer Recipes and Styles

    I have to respectfully disagree with you. I think there is a large group of homebrewers that simply enjoy the process of brewing and sharing the end product. I don't think you have to want to only brew what you can't find commercially, or have to brew with alternate ingredients as a...
  14. TechyDork

    AG version of extract needs help

    I agree with your idea of using UK malts vs US malts to get this more on track with our expectations. I can get GP malt from our LHBS and I might give that a try over MO for the next version of this. I should also be able to find a UK Crystal malt to use in place of the C60. I do think we...
  15. TechyDork

    I´m opening a brewpub, layout opinions? look some renders

    How big are you batch sizes? If you go with B, Will you be storing and milling the grains on the first floor and then using an auger system to get into the MT? or will you have to pack 50lb sacks of grain up the stairs for every brew session? I know for me it would get old pretty quick if I...