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    Everyday Simplest Dry Cider

    @phug Thanks a lot for the response...appreciate it! I've already keg'd it last night and it is just sitting there so your saying it "should" be ok to open the keg back up and add in some more AJC to get it to the sweetness that I want and then pop it right in the kegerator? I just don't want...
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    Everyday Simplest Dry Cider

    @phug or anyone else that may be able to help. I made a large 5 gallon batch of this recipe and wanted to keg some of it to try out the kegging process and also to make it easier rather than bottling. So I ordered a little 2.5 gallon corny keg since I already have a kegging system. Anyway...
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    Everyday Simplest Dry Cider

    @phug I have been meaning to come back here and post results so finally getting the time today. Anyway, I just wanted to say wow...and thank you! I made 3 different versions of cider and let family / friends try over the summer up till about a month ago (I ran out) and by far everyone picked...
  4. T my beer ok?

    No wasn't really in a hurry I just figured with FG readings pretty consistent after a few days it was done. So as I stated I cleaned / sanitized everything and keg'd. Had some this past Saturday and it wasn't bad. A little to "malty" for my liking and dark as well. Next time I want it to be...
  5. T my beer ok?

    Hey all just wanted to report back and first say thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread. Second I was able to clean / sanitize my new keg yesterday and transfer my beer. It it currently in the kegerator getting cooled down and will be ready for force carb'g when I get home from work...
  6. T my beer ok?

    Took a hydrometer reading last night and even tried a sample from the plastic beaker after getting a reading. I didn't think it tasted too bad. Not bad for being warm and not carb'd:) I plan on doing one more reading tonight and then possibly kegging tomorrow. Will give me one more night to...
  7. T my beer ok?

    Not sure I know how to get the FG since I did not have a hydrometer at the time to check my OG for the wort?
  8. T my beer ok?

    Yes, ok I got what your saying. I will use it tonight when I go home and start keeping track of the readings. I will give it a few days to see if it remains the same.
  9. T my beer ok?

    Figured I would post back since when I started this thread I was not quite a week in. Well tomorrow will be officially 2 weeks so I am thinking my beer is most likely fully fermented and prob ready to be transferred to keg? I know without a hydrometer it's really anybody's guess but how should...
  10. T my beer ok?

    @North_of_60 I like that setup...I assume enough carbon dioxide gas still leaks out of the stretch wrap to not cause any issues? I like the thermometer setup...I have a few thermo works (pen and pop) so I am familiar with their products (nice products too I might add). Also, you don't have...
  11. T my beer ok?

    I ordered one as soon as it happened for next round of beer making!
  12. T my beer ok?

    Thanks all...I put the lid back on with a new sanitized airlock. I guess I will check back on it in another week so......
  13. T my beer ok?

    Hey all did my first BIAB IPA last Tuesday night (18th) and have not seen much if any action in the airlock. Tonight I decided to bite the bullet and take a peek inside my bucket and took a pic. It looks foamy on top and has a nice yeasty aroma to it but I wanted to ask people with more...
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    Sankey to Ball lock ?

    I just received my sankey to ball lock conversion kit for my coupler. I am a newbie and have a few ?'s. When I took off the gas barb that came on my new coupler I saw a white looking gasket (I think it may be check valve). My new ball lock kit came with a black flat rubber I use...
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    How long will grains last?

    Thanks for the replies all...I will try to get to it this coming weekend!