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    Dry hopping IPA well after ferementation

    I'm curious if any one here has experience with dry hopping a beer 4-6 weeks after fermentation is complete. I usually brew 10 gallons but my upcoming schedule has me not drinking beer for a couple of weeks. My plan was to ferment in 2 5-gallon carboys, dry hop a small amount during fermentation...
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    Bayou Classic Brew Kettle

    I gave up on the stock false bottom, and bought a custom false bottom from NORCAL brewing solutions. It has been working great, and worth every penny.
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    Glacier - Drinking Water
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    3 bayou classic 82qt kettles for sale

    I have qty 3 82 qt bayou classic kettles for sale. All are brand new and in plastic wrap. Selling $125 a piece or $300 for all 3. Local pickup in San Diego preferred. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    California Craiglist find: qty 3 Bayou Classic 82 qt stock pots

    Brand new in the plastic wrap. $375 for all 3 or will separate at amazon price. $144 each. Perfect condition, no dings, dents etc. Pickup in North Park San Diego
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    Emerging microbrewery trend

    I can see where the OP is coming from. The thing that bothers me is as the craft brewing market becomes more saturated, there is more of a push for marketing before a product is even on the market. This marketing is most effective on the internet, and the younger kids have the time/knowledge...
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    Bayou Classic Brew Kettle

    Ha, yeah wort turned out great, hit my pre & post boil numbers and its still chugging along. I just scooped it all in to a big grain bag I have, cleaned out the false bottom and MT, put the bag of grain on the false bottom and sparged as usual.
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    Bayou Classic Brew Kettle

    I have the 16 gallon set, and I've had problems with my false bottom letting grain through since 2nd or 3rd brew. This weekend's brew (probably #6 or #7) had a 27lb grain bill. One of the legs of the false bottom buckled and let a lot of grain through. First time I had to shovel out all my grain...
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    Critique my porter recipe

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I'm looking for something smooth, with a creamy mouthfeel and a little toasty (not so roasty). A little dark chocolate bitterness, but I'm gonna make some extract of cocoa nibs and extract of cinnamon to add to 1/2 of the base at kegging time, and maybe some...
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    Critique my porter recipe

    HI, I'm not a big porter drinker, and only brew them 1-2x a year when the weather gets cold and my wife starts asking for them. I'm trying to put together a nice base porter which I'll add some winter type spices (vanilla cinnamon & chocolate). Please let me know if I'm in the right...
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    Wet Hop Hop Bursted IPA

    I just did a Pale Ale with my backyard Cascades and Nuggets. Here are the details. It was a 10 gal batch I bittered with Chinook and Centennial pellets and did a 1 hour "hopstand" @ 170F after flame out with 6 oz wet Cascade and 3 oz wet Nugget. The hops were pretty dry, so I was thinking more...
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    Crash cool before secondary?

    Some people will crash cool to drop yeast out before they dry hop in secondary. Some yeasts will drop out quicker than others. I think WLP001/1056/US05 starts dropping out around 50F.
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    How do YOU use Wet Hops?

    I had a similar problem as the OP, so on my brew day I vacuum sealed and froze the portion of hops for my wet hopping. When fermentation was complete and it was time to transfer, I purged a corny keg with CO2, dropped in the frozen hops, purged again and transferred my beer on top of the hops...
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    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    If you guys like sports, a lot of the ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries have just shown up on Netflix. The ones I've seen have all been quality.